UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, DUBAI--(Marketwired - Sept. 21, 2014) - Almas Jiwani, President of UN Women National Committee Canada,will be among many global figures to deliver the keynote address at the Arab Women In Leadership and Business Summit, a summit developed through MICE Quotient.

"The Arab Women in Leadership and Business Summit, which brings together exceptional leaders from around the world, is a great endeavour to promote international cooperation on gender issues in the economy." Says Ms. Almas Jiwani. There has been improvements through the years, however women's economic empowerment remain deeply entrenched in every society. To unleash the equality dividend for development, stronger partnerships and the resolve of governments and civil society are an unequivocal prerequisite" stated Ms. Almas Jiwani.

Ms. Almas Jiwani will be joining the ranks of global figures in discussion unconventional careers, education, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

"We at MICE Quotient are honored to have Ms Almas Jiwani as keynote speaker at The Arab Women in Leadership and business summit. Ms Almas Jiwani's commitment and contribution towards empowerment of women globally and her impact on the many lives that she has inspired through the years makes it imperative for us to have her at this summit. She is an accomplished business women and a leader and we are confident that her contribution to this summit would help us engage, empower and support the Arab Women who wish to make a difference and inspire the attendees" says Danish Shaikh, Vice President of MICE Quotient.

Conference will be held on September 22-23rd at Radisson Royal Hotel, Dubai.

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