OLYMPIA, WA--(Marketwired - Sep 22, 2014) - America's obesity crisis isn't actually about obesity; it's about how the culture responds to it.

Louise Green, a globally recognized fit and fat athlete at the forefront of a body advocacy movement, proves that you can be healthy, fit and plus size. Despite society's misconceptions, she demonstrates that positive body images come in all shapes and sizes, and there are no limits to pursuing athletic dreams.

"Cultural stereotypes are just flat-out wrong," explained Louise. "You can pursue health and fitness whether you're a size 5 or a size 25! As I've seen with countless women, the more we embrace who we are, and the more you love your body we then open the door for unlimited possibility and potential."

As a plus-size athlete herself, Louise is empowering other large women to pursue health and fitness. Certified in personal training and group fitness through ACE and the Health and Fitness Alliance in Vancouver, BC, she regularly trains and competes in half marathons and races.

"The size of your body doesn't determine your athletic dreams," said Louise. "I strongly believe that every single body has limitless potential, regardless of size or shape."

Louise Green founded Body Exchange, an exercise boot camp, to help other plus-size women pursue health and fitness. She is also an active blogger, health and wellness retreat specialist and highly sought-after speaker and author. Her new book, Limitless, about navigating the fitness industry and being plus size while challenging public perception, debuts next year. She uses her wide-reaching voice as an advocate for the Body Love Movement, which fosters authenticity, inclusion of all bodies, self-worthiness, positive body image and more.

Find out more about Louise Green at www.LouiseGreen.ca. For additional details about the Body Exchange, please visit BodyExchange.ca.

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