TAIPEI, TAIWAN--(Marketwired - Sep 22, 2014) - Surprising the over-confident and favored video game players around the world, a group of 250 Taiwanese children are threatening to take the lead in the finals of the Adventures of Ai's "World Charity Cup" video game competition ( The talented Taiwanese kids came from nowhere and have shocked more experienced players in China, Japan, Russia and the United States.

"It's an outlier," stated Kalani Streicher, designer of video games such as Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Indiana Jones. "I'm not sure Taiwan can hang in there with the big countries in the long run."

"Not so!" said Craig Bouchard, New York Times Bestselling Author and creator of "The Adventures of Ai" movement, the most watched transmedia event in the world 2014. "I've visited Taiwan many times and the Taiwanese kids are capable of beating all the big countries. Taiwan is disciplined."

Bouchard's project has broken media models and become one of the most followed media projects of recent years. His new children's novel, "The Adventures of Ai", along with soundtrack music and the corresponding smash video game, are subtly designed to unlock the potential of children and make them aware that they can make a difference in the world. The novel is translated into Mandarin and is available, along with the free game, on Apple iOS7, Google, and Samsung platforms.

The final round of the "World Charity Cup" video game competition launched at an event live streamed around the world September 9 at the world's largest Ronald McDonald House in Chicago, Illinois.

Kids in over 30 countries are competing in The Adventures of Ai video game to support 20 charities around the world. In Taiwan, the Ai project benefits Maria Social Welfare Foundation and the Taipei Orphan Welfare Foundation.

Twenty global charities, including Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana, Misericordia, the James R. Jordan Foundation International and Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital in the United States; Operation Smile In China; College Women's Association of Japan in Japan; Magic Bus and CRY in India; the Children's Leukaemia and Cancer Research Foundation in Australia; and the Child Cancer Foundation in New Zealand, benefit from the kids in their country winning the intense video game competition.

"I want Taiwan to know it can win!" said Robert Li, "Adventures of Ai" project manager in Taiwan. "'The Adventures of Ai' movement demonstrates the value of helping others, which the Maria Social Welfare Foundation and the Taipei Orphan Welfare Foundation do every single day. Taiwanese kids can make a difference in the world. I hope we realize this and show the entire video game world how special we are."

Li also noted, "The winning country must have 1000 players participating by the end of the competition, which is December 31st of this year. So we in Taiwan have some team building to do. Come on kids -- Go Taiwan!"

Bouchard will award the winning country's charities 10 percent of the "Adventures of Ai" global revenue. Additionally, he will donate 10 percent of the project's net revenues in each country to that country's participating charities.

"We grow up believing the world is too big for any one person to make a difference. That's simply not true. I wrote The Adventures of Ai to challenge the kids to be philanthropists," said Craig Bouchard, creator of the Adventures of Ai. "The truth is we can all make a difference. To parents: let's unlock the potential of kids in the far corners of the world. To kids: please play the game hard to benefit sick kids in your country. But remember: It's one world, one team."

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About Maria Social Welfare Foundation
The Maria Social Welfare Foundation is a service-oriented organization that helps those with physical or mental disabilities in Taiwan live independently, assisting with their everyday needs and education. The foundation includes a school, a home and an early childhood help center. Founded on the principle of "Love never fails," it is involved in feeding and providing medical, educational, and professional help for those in need.

About Taipei Orphan Welfare Foundation
The Taipei Orphan Welfare Foundation was originally established in 1968 as the Taipei Orphan Welfare Association. In 2007, the Association was restructured to develop more services to orphans, and this Foundation has been established. Our mission is to help orphans to grow up happier and healthier and pursue their dreams. Up to 2014, we have 10 offices nationwide in Taiwan. Our staffs and counselors have delivered our services to over 6,000 orphans.

About the Adventures of Ai
The Adventures of Ai is an ebook written by international entrepreneur and New York Times best-selling author Craig Bouchard. The story is a part non-fiction and part fiction fantasy subtly designed to prepare pre-teen girls and boys for the pressures they will encounter as they grow up. Incorporating art, history, poetry, music and mathematics, the unique novel encourages children to unlock their potential. Released in six languages, The Adventures of Ai is a story of empowerment that transcends boundaries.

The book's corresponding video game is based on the novel and created by Kalani Streicher, producer of the ground-breaking games Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and the Indiana Jones games for Lucas Films. The Adventures of Ai game is an engaging experience featuring a soundtrack produced by 15-time Grammy Award winner Humberto Gatica, and is available for iOS, Android and Kindle. For more information, visit

About the World Charity Cup
When children play Adventures of Ai, their scores are recorded on the Adventures of Ai website for the benefit of their country total. Ten percent of net revenues earned in each country during the competition will be donated to the participating charities within that country. In addition, ten percent of the global revenue from the book, game and music earned during the competition will be donated to the charities in the country that records the highest average player scores. Thus, any country can win the "World Charity Cup," and every child playing the game matters.

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