WELLESLEY, MA--(Marketwired - Sep 23, 2014) -   Arch Therapeutics, Inc. (OTCQB: ARTH) ("Arch" or the "Company"), developer of the AC5 Surgical Hemostatic Device™ for potential use in bleeding during surgery, announces that co-founder and inventing scientist Dr. Rutledge Ellis-Behnke will present his work using AC5 Surgical Hemostat™ at the 12th International Conference on Neuroprotective Agents (ICNA). The ICNA is being held September 29 - October 1, 2014, at the Boar's Head Inn, Charlottesville, VA.

Dr. Ellis-Behnke's talk, which will occur on September 29, is titled "A Self-Assembling Nanomaterial Reduces Acute Brain Injury and Enhances Functional Recovery in a Rat Model of Intracerebral Hemorrhage."

Russell Andrews, MD, chair and one of the conference founders, said, "The purpose of the ICNA is to bring together both clinical and basic science researchers from many countries and disciplines, in a common forum, to address various approaches to neuroprotection." He continued, "The atmosphere fosters the free exchange of ideas and concepts among the participants."

Dr. Ellis-Behnke discovered the hemostatic and other barrier properties of self-assembling peptides that could make future surgery and interventional care both faster and safer. He proposed the development and commercialization of what became Arch Therapeutics' flagship product candidate, known as AC5™.

Arch Therapeutics intends to commercialize AC5 in 2015. Arch obtained an exclusive worldwide license for intellectual property, of which Dr. Ellis-Behnke is the lead inventor, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has focused on design and manufacturing at the nanoscale as well as pre-clinical development of the technology.

In addition to a recently published animal study on the treatment of intracerebral hemorrhage with a self assembling peptide, Dr. Ellis-Behnke also recently completed an animal study in which AC5 was agnostic to the presence of therapeutic levels of the anticoagulant heparin, commonly known as a blood thinner. Millions of Americans are treated with blood thinners, and they are at greater risk for intracerebral bleeds and excess bleeding during surgical procedures. The Company believes its products will provide a great benefit to these patients in need.

Dr. Andrews noted, "Rutledge's work on self-assembling nano scaffolds over the past decade have been one of a handful of advances in the nano medical field to have potential widespread clinical impact. The potential benefits of nano scaffolds in the brain are impressive, and their prospects to improve recovery from trauma to neural and non-neural tissues - from both surgical and non-surgical injury - cannot be overestimated. His work should lead to major advances in the treatment of tissue injury from the operating room to the battlefield."

Dr. Ellis-Behnke said, "Among the first of its kind is AC5, which is used to rapidly stop bleeding and stabilize tissue. Arch Therapeutics is a leader in this field and AC5 is just the first of the Company's many exciting potential applications. The use of AC5 in procedures should reduce the time and effort required to control bleeding, provide a significantly improved tool to healthcare providers and improve the environment to permit normal healing after procedures."

Dr. Terrence Norchi, CEO of Arch Therapeutics, commented, "Dr. Ellis-Behnke and his colleagues have recently completed work in two areas of great need: intracerebral bleeds and surgical hemostasis in the presence of an anti-coagulant. This work highlights additional potential utility of the products we are developing in areas that remain in great need of better solutions."

About the International Conference on Neuroprotective Agents

The ICNA is the "brain-child" of William Slikker, PhD, Director of the National Center for Toxicological Research, a research component of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The series of biennial conferences began in 1991 and have been held throughout the U.S. and internationally. Almost every person attending is expected to present a paper relating to some aspect of neuroprotection, and to participate in discussions during each session. The conferences are held in relatively small venues to encourage interaction among the participants outside of the formal sessions, e.g. during meals, receptions, outings, and spontaneous evening discussions. The Conference Proceedings have been published in journals including the Annals of the New York Academy of Science and Molecular Neurobiology.

Find out more at www.neuroprotective.org.

About Arch Therapeutics, Inc.

Arch Therapeutics, Inc. is a medical device company developing a novel approach to stop bleeding (hemostasis) and control leaking (sealant) during surgery and trauma care. Arch is developing products based on an innovative self-assembling peptide technology platform to make surgery and interventional care faster and safer for patients. Arch's flagship development stage product candidate, known as AC5 Surgical Hemostatic Device™, is being designed to achieve hemostasis in minimally invasive and open surgical procedures.

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