STARKVILLE, MS--(Marketwired - Sep 23, 2014) - YeHive -- a micro-social media platform centered around the ability to form customized social networks focused around groups of family or friends, topics or ideas, friends or functions, and more -- has launched a redesigned app and website that improves aesthetics, increases functionality and enhances the overall user experience. The app is available today, for download or update, on iTunes and in the Android App store and the website is live at

"YeHive revolutionizes the way people share specific experiences, thoughts and conversation through social media," said Brad Fuller, CEO of YeHive. "With YeHive's updated app and website we've also evolved the YeHive experience by creating a truly optimized, integrated and wholly unique platform that offers a social media experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else."

The updated app and website features improved functionality with easier access, improved sorting of social groups, a minimized learning curve with more intuitive features, and larger images resulting in a more aesthetically appealing user experience.

YeHive's app and website capture user generated pictures, videos, comments, etc. within social media networks focused on specific concepts. Users can create specific social communities resulting in the ability to privately or publicly share an experience with like-minded audiences.

A few examples of YeHive's Create Your Own social media network uses:

  • A private network could be created for the child's birthday party where the creator can share a password with family members who cannot attend and allow them to follow the event in real time or after the event.
  • A business conference could create a network for attendees, establishing a shared space to download schedules and bios, discuss breakout panels, see photos from a reception, etc.
  •  Fans of a popular TV show could create a public network dedicated to tonight's newest episode. Fans can discuss in real time or after the episode their reaction and predictions.
  • A group of friends could create a dedicated network where they could regularly check-in on one another, share stories, weekend plans and humorous photos.
  • YeHive has also been successfully used for concerts, festivals, weddings and a host of other social events, ideas and occasions.

YeHive's tagline is "Be there" as it allows users to specifically hone in exclusively on events, ideas and conversations they are interested in, instead of having to wade through a cluttered newsfeed or track down the right hashtags or keywords.

"Our success comes from when people see the new YeHive and create their first personalized network and begin to invite friends," added Fuller. "They are swept in by an all-encompassing social experience that typically takes a host of other social media apps to even come close to emulating. No other platform is optimized to be fully customized to capture every moment, every idea, from many vantage points, for those you specifically want to share with like YeHive."

The new YeHive launch comes on the heels of an extremely successful 2014 having raised $900,000 in capital since January.

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