SACRAMENTO, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 23, 2014) - Intelligent Highway Solutions, Inc. (OTCQB: IHSI) today announces it has entered into an agreement with Smith, Dawson & Andrews, a Washington D.C.-based government relations firm, to assist IHSI in the exploration and execution of additional industry contracts and opportunities.

Piggy-backing the success of its relationship with Honeywell International, Inc. to bring the tech giant's California buildings to code with Title 24 regulations, IHSI will leverage its new partnership to continue expanding its reach to other municipal, state and federal sector buildings with similar needs.

IHSI's initiatives are aligned with the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA 2007), which outlines energy management goals and requirements. Section 434, in particular, requires that each Federal agency ensures that major replacements of installed equipment (such lighting, heating and cooling systems), or renovation or expansion of existing space, employ the most energy-efficient designs, systems, equipment, and controls that are life-cycle cost effective.

Through its master distribution agreement with SCS Lighting Systems, IHSI will apply its lighting solution technology to help businesses implement energy-efficient lighting fixtures and bulbs in Federal buildings.

Devon Jones, chief executive officer of IHSI, stated, "We have the tools necessary to provide the solutions, and our relationship with Smith, Dawson and Andrews gives us the conduit to make the necessary connections at the Federal level to introduce our company to the right decision makers in D.C. and other municipal and state agencies. This type of retrofit is the same as IHSI has undertaken with Honeywell in California."

The SCS lighting fixtures and lamp replacement have proven successful in reducing energy consumption by up to 80% in a variety of buildings. In addition to energy savings, implementation of these lighting systems increases the value of the building, provides a healthier working environment, and assists with LEED certification.

Robert Gaines of Smith, Dawson & Andrews said, "I am enthusiastic about this new relationship with IHSI. My background in representing cities, counties and public agencies has led to my understanding of what makes a successful public-private partnership. The services offered by IHSI provide a one-stop solution for public agencies. IHSI provides a full turnkey solution from the initial energy audit to a completed installation and on-going service and maintenance."

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Founded in 1981, Smith Dawson & Andrews (SDA) provides strategic planning, government relations and communications services to a wide range of businesses, state and local governments, nonprofits and associations. For more than 30 years, clients have looked to SDA's solution-oriented professionals to deliver winning strategies and positive outcomes in Washington and across the nation. SDA's relatively small size, structure and personalized approach allow the firm to provide proactive, cost-effective representation to small institutions and multi-billion dollar organizations alike.

About Intelligent Highway Solutions, Inc.

Intelligent Highway Solutions, Inc. (IHSI) is a technology-based electrical contracting company that develops and implements high and low voltage solutions across multiple platforms. Through the development of proprietary wireless vehicle detection systems the company is working to make the nation's roadways more efficient. IHSI also performs electrical installations, temperature control systems, communication/wireless integration, and advanced lighting systems for commercial applications.

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