Exceed Investments Announces Groundbreaking Structured Investment Indexes and Co-Branding Partnership With NASDAQ OMX

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, Sept. 23, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Exceed Investments announced today they have developed the first defined-outcome indexes based on structured investing strategies. Exceed will team with NASDAQ OMX to promote the patent-pending NASDAQ Exceed Family of Structured Indexes for licensing opportunities.

The NASDAQ Exceed Structured Indexes offer investors a controlled range of investment outcomes based on a specific level of protection and/or enhanced return put in place at the time of investment. The initial suite of indexes provide specific defined exposures to S&P 500 performance:

  • NASDAQ Exceed Structured Protection Index (EXPROT): Maximum principal protection for conservative investors. Invests in a series of portfolios with 12.5% maximum equity at risk exposure and upside participation up to a cap of approximately 15%.
  • NASDAQ Exceed Structured Hedged Index (EXHEDG): Protection and enhanced upside participation for neutral investors. Invests in a series of portfolios with 10% protection against initial downward moves and 150% upside participation up to a maximum cap.
  • NASDAQ Exceed Structured Enhanced Index (EXENHA): Maximum upside potential for aggressive investors. Invests in a series of portfolios with no protection against downward moves and 200% upside participation up to a maximum cap.

"The driving force behind the $2 trillion structured notes global market is the appeal of defined outcomes, based on a specific level of protection and/or enhanced return put in place at the time of investment," said Joseph Halpern, Exceed Investments Chief Executive Officer. "Exceed has developed a new methodology to provide investors with standardized access to the predictability of traditional structured notes, but with better attributes designed to increase transparency, liquidity, efficiency, credit diversification and mitigated counterparty risk."

NASDAQ Exceed Structured Indexes achieve defined exposures by tracking a portfolio of structured investments comprised of a rolling basket of investment grade fixed income securities and cleared 'off the shelf' options. The indexes may be used in a variety of products, including mutual funds, separately managed accounts and insurance vehicles.

"These indexes will provide a unique opportunity for investors to easily access customized investment strategies that offer protection and predictability," said John L. Jacobs, Executive Vice President, NASDAQ OMX Global Indexes. "With Exceed, we will offer the first indexes with a predefined range of investment outcomes, delivered to customers in a cost-effective and transparent manner."

"We are very excited about our partnership with NASDAQ OMX Global Indexes. With its powerful brand, focus on innovation and team of veteran financial product experts, NASDAQ OMX is the ideal partner to help us continue to innovate and broaden investor access to the benefits of structured investing," said Mr. Halpern.

The indexes launched on September 15, 2014, and are disseminated over NASDAQ OMX's Global Index Data (GIDS) Service and through its Global Index Watch web site.

More information can be found at Exceed Indexes.

About Exceed:

Exceed Investments is a New York-based boutique financial services firm that specializes in next-generation structured investments.  Our mission is to provide standardized and consistent structured investment opportunities for the investor in the most transparent, accessible and efficient manner possible. Exceed solutions use a clear, consistent and transparent methodology based on "off-the-shelf" financial products. As a result, we enable liquidity and efficiency in everything we do, allowing the end investor a level of predictability within an unpredictable investing world. To learn more please visit www.exceedinvestments.com. Follow us on twitter (www.twitter.com/exceedinvest) and on Linkedin (www.linkedin.com/company/exceed-investments-llc/).

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