SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - Sep 23, 2014) - Equipped with 15 years of professional experience in childcare, NannySure ( founder Justin Baram-Blackwell has designed a breakthrough service to benefit the family unit -parents, children and their nanny. NannySure offers parents random and unobtrusive observations of their nanny, using technology such as GPS as well as in-home video cameras. Unlike a nanny-cam, or investigative services, NannySure is completely transparent.

Before NannySure begins its observations the nanny is brought into the fold. The nature in which observations are performed, including their random nature, are set forth and agreed to by everyone. 

"Each family has a slightly different perspective on what is best for the children," said Baram-Blackwell. "Our goal is to provide parents and nannies with additional information from inside the home as well as about town."

A stay-at-home dad himself, Baram-Blackwell often takes his children to the park, to parent-tot classes, and on other outings in the Seattle area. It was during these excursions that Baram-Blackwell saw the need for NannySure.

"While out and about town with my kids I became aware that families really have no idea what is happening with their children when they are at work," noted Baram-Blackwell. "Unlike in a childcare facility that has multiple staff members plus management, there is little to no actual oversight of nannies."

Baram-Blackwell began to research the topic, asking parents how they made the decision to hire a nanny and how the family unit communicated about the care for their children. Overwhelmingly families that chose to hire a nanny cited individual attention as the reason.

Baram-Blackwell spoke with parents that sent children to care centers about the decision. Despite the sacrifice of individual attention, parents cited safety and oversight as a chief reason to use care centers. 

"The funny thing is that I chose to leave my career because I have seen what happens in center-based care when safety measures fail and children are harmed. I had always expected Nannies to be the Gold Standard of care and I was shocked by what I saw when I was at the park with my own children," said Baram-Blackwell. "Due to my experience managing care programs and my personal goal to support parents, children and nannies, I created NannySure."

Nannies are also able to request video and or public observations at no additional cost to the family or nanny. Reasons for the request may be behavior issues and/or the child reaching developmental milestones that they want to share with the family. Parents who suspect issues can also request video to be pulled, or to have access to the live streaming of the cameras inside of their home.

Contact Information:

Justin Baram-Blackwell
Telephone 206.501.8991