Continuuity Is Now Cask

Company Open Sources Its Technology to Grow Community Around Data Application Platform

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 25, 2014) - Continuuity, the Hadoop data and apps virtualization company, today announced it will change its name to Cask, effective immediately. The new name more accurately reflects the company's core mission of giving developers simple access to powerful technology. Under the new name, Cask will release its data application platform and related technologies as open source with a commitment to foster dynamic and diverse community-driven development projects. Additionally, Intel big data veteran Boyd Davis has joined Cask's executive team as Chief Operating Officer.

  • Cask is an open source software company bringing virtualization to Hadoop data and apps. Founded by developers for developers in 2011, the team has spent three years developing technology, working with customers, and building a platform to make it ready to contribute to open source.

  • The Cask Data Application Platform (CDAP, formerly Continuuity Reactor) enables developers to build a new class of data applications, including unified real-time and batch processing, with less dependence on Hadoop expertise. Data virtualization provides logical representations of data in CDAP Datasets and easy data ingestion with CDAP Streams, while app virtualization creates standardized containers for different application types and enables multiple processing paradigms on shared data. Commercial subscriptions for CDAP are available starting today.

  • The first step in the process of building a community around CDAP is for the Cask team to contribute the project to open source under the Apache License, Version 2.0. In the future, Cask will become increasingly community-driven and ultimately result in an open data application platform. Developers who are interested in joining the community, making contributions, or providing feedback can learn more at CDAP's open source community site,

  • AT&T Labs and Cask are jointly releasing a developer preview of the open source Tigon project, a real-time streaming analytics framework for Hadoop based on technology contributed by both companies. Originally code-named jetStream, Tigon offers a simple, efficient and cost-effective way for developers to create a diverse range of apps that address a broad set of use cases such as network intrusion detection and analytics, social media market analysis, location analytics, and real-time recommendation engines that match relevant content to the right users at the right time.

  • Cask has also released a new version of Coopr (formerly Continuuity Loom), open source infrastructure software that simplifies cluster provisioning and management on public and private clouds. Coopr 0.9.8 adds a number of multi-tenancy features, which provide IT administrators and DevOps with more robust automation capabilities and greater control and visibility into the allocation of computing resources.

  • Cask has appointed Boyd Davis as Chief Operating Officer. In his new role, Davis will lead Cask's sales and marketing teams and drive go-to-market strategy and execution as the company rapidly expands to meet growing developer and enterprise demand for CDAP. A tech veteran with over 20 years of experience, Davis previously was vice president of the Data Center Group at Intel and general manager of the Datacenter Software Division, which included Intel's distribution for Hadoop.


  • Jonathan Gray, Founder & CEO, Cask:
    "The Cask team is working toward universal access to Hadoop for developers because we believe there is so much value to be realized in big data despite the complexities of the underlying technology. We are excited to release our data application platform into open source so that developers can come together and collectively tap into the potential of their data."

  • Mike Olson, Chief Strategy Officer, Cloudera
    "Bringing application and data virtualization to Hadoop will expand the market by enabling new use cases and accelerating application development. Cloudera's long-standing and deep commitment to open source has been a key reason for our success. I'm very happy to see Cask release their data application platform to the open source community, and we look forward to working with Cask to bring that technology to Cloudera customers."

  • Eric Baldeschwieler (a.k.a. Eric14):
    "The Hadoop community needs higher level tools and abstractions to manage data and data processing applications. I'm excited to see the Cask team bringing their IP to the table, open sourcing their substantial work in this area and committing to a community-driven development model."

  • Boyd David, Chief Operating Officer, Cask:
    "I'm thrilled to join the leadership team at Cask. I've spent the last several years working to grow the Hadoop ecosystem, and I've said many times that the two key challenges were the need for use cases that drive clear business value and a faster, easier path to application development. Cask virtualization for Hadoop data and applications address both issues, enabling new real-time and batch applications in a single environment, and freeing developers from many of the complexities of Hadoop and related projects."

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