NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Sep 29, 2014) - Undertone, a leader in digital advertising solutions for brands, today announced the launch of its new technology platform, Virtuoso. Virtuoso is an end-to-end platform solution that combines creative design, advanced data and analytics, and brand campaign planning and management. Programmatic inventory access will be the first product launched within the Virtuoso platform.

Virtuoso provides marketers and agencies with automated access to a wide range of premium, high impact advertisements served across digital screens, and displayed on high quality publisher sites via two new exclusive programmatic offerings.

ImpactDirect™, a programmatic direct offering focused on high impact advertisements including the IAB Rising Stars and synchronized banners, will give marketers access to exclusive inventory that has been filtered for brand safety and quality using Undertone's proprietary methodology and third party validation. In addition, the company's OpenMarket product will provide clients with the opportunity to purchase standard brand-safe inventory across the broader programmatic ecosystem. 

"The Virtuoso platform addresses a significant need for our clients who are looking to expand their programmatic media buying towards high impact advertising formats and high quality publisher inventory," said Vin Paolozzi, Vice President, Marketplace Development and Investment at Magna Global. "Efforts like Virtuoso from Undertone will benefit advertisers who are looking for programmatic, brand-building solutions." Magna Global expects US programmatic advertising revenue to be $9.8 billion in the United States in 2014.

Undertone's 13 years of experience delivering proprietary formats and deep publisher relationships make it uniquely suited to launch this type of programmatic offering. "Clients have been clear with us: Undertone's strength lies in our quality, brand-safe inventory and high impact formats. Virtuoso allows us to bring that value to customers in a way that makes sense for those who are looking to transact in a more automated manner," said Undertone CEO Corey Ferengul.

In June of 2014, Undertone announced the acquisition of programmatic advertising company Upfront Digital Media. The launch of Virtuoso completes the integration of Upfront Digital Media into Undertone's existing technology stack.

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