BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Sep 30, 2014) - MMIT International Corp. today announces the US launch of the newest version of its lead management platform: 2LEAD. 2LEAD was designed based on MMIT's many years of global experience developing customized CRM, business intelligence, and lead management for companies including General Motors, AZKONobel, and others. Given the strong correlation between response time and conversion, 2LEAD is designed to facilitate lead follow-up activities and create a no-excuse environment in order to maximize conversions.

The sales process is frequently fraught with duplicate effort or lead ownership confusion, resulting in stale, lost, and eventually dead leads. Most lead management software fails to address the underlying issues, meaning it does not truly manage the process. 2LEAD helps sales leaders manage high volumes of leads from multiple sources across multiple sales representatives. These benefits allow sales to act quickly and appropriately when handling leads and enable marketing to determine which campaigns drive revenue and return on investment (ROI) most effectively.

"The life of a lead is not unlike that of a pitch in baseball," said Wiebe Mokken, MMIT founder and CEO. "As soon as the ball leaves the pitcher's hand it loses velocity and elevation; the batter must understand a given ball's trajectory instinctively. Understanding the trajectory of a lead is not dissimilar; MMIT's 2LEAD lead management platform enables sales executives to manage leads on an individual basis, no matter the volume, using state of the art data analysis and real-time lead management. Additionally, lead aging is different from industry to industry, which means sales teams must have a lead management system that can be tuned to the specific business rules and characteristics of a given vertical or industry, and 2LEAD does just that."

Companies that have implemented 2LEAD enhance their responsiveness to customer requests, ensuring that they contact their potential customers both quickly and with relevant information. Using 2LEAD, MMIT's customers have seen the number of leads increase by over 30% across Europe and increased their sales conversion rate by over 2% -- in some countries more. View our customer testimonials on the 2Lead website.

Different from other products in the marketplace, 2LEAD provides multi-language support, delivery of real-time sales analytics, and the ability to actively monitor leads on an individual basis and the sales pipeline as a whole. 2LEAD also offers preconfigured options for a number of key vertical markets, accelerating implementation time. The new platform enables all sales pipeline stakeholders to see when a lead was received, opened, contacted, and closed; transparency drives efficiency, which in turn drives improved performance.

One of the most challenging issues for new IT infrastructure projects, especially those driven by sales and marketing is the risk and uncertainty associated with implementing new hard- or software. With 2LEAD, enterprise IT infrastructure and systems are left completely untouched. Exports from existing CRM or database systems allow 2LEAD to operate, in the first instance, independently of customer IT infrastructure. This is the path of lowest possible resistance for 2LEAD customers, and allows sales leaders to see what is happening in real-time, not in a report after the fact.

About MMIT

In addition to the 2LEAD platform, MMIT provides truly scalable customer relationship management (CRM) tools that integrate and cleanse lead data from many sources to provide sales and marketing teams a holistic, real-time view of the sales pipeline. The company helps clients through the issues of differing address structures, diacritical characters, salutations, and communication coding in over 70 countries. The company's expertise lies not only in lead management, but also in data quality and logistics, user interface and web services deployment, data analysis, and marketing and IT consulting. MMIT approaches CRM data with exacting precision and helps clients like General Motors and AKZONobel tune their implementations to match the lead aging and sales cycle characteristics of their specific industries.

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