SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 30, 2014) - RAVPower® (, the experts in reliable, affordable and value-packed external battery power banks and other gadget-powering products, today announced major 2014 momentum and customer satisfaction for items across every one of its popular product lines. Curious shoppers looking for battery, charger or power solutions are encouraged to explore the myriad of beloved products available from RAVPower.

"Take a look at RAVPower's power accessories on Amazon and Newegg," said Allen Fung, co-founder, RAVPower. "Now imagine those one-to-five star/egg ratings icons are battery meters. You can see at a glance that RAVPower's got them all charged up, just how we like it. And did we mention an available 18-month extended warranty?"

"Phones, tablets, laptops, other gadgets," added Bruce Kurtz, Marketing Director, RAVPower. "Everyone loves their devices, and no one wants to be without power. For whatever you need to have (legally) juiced up, we've got your solution."

External Battery Power Banks and Chargers

RAVPower external battery chargers come in sleek and attractive form factors designed to fit in your pocket and for on-the-go charging, giving your phone or other favorite gadget a buddy to get cozy with while soaking up ions. Many power bank models include a built-in flashlight, in case you'd like to locate that plug port in the middle of the night without the eye sting from turning all the lights on. Gadget aficionados with multiple devices might want to check out the brand new multi-USB port, 15000mAh (!) portable charger, compatible with just about every device under the sun (or moon, for that matter).

Internal Battery Solutions

RAVPower offers replacement batteries for laptops and cell phones whose original parts have run their course; Apple, HP, Dell, Acer, Toshiba, IBM, Samsung, HTC -- you name it, RAVPower has the replacement battery to get the device back to peak power performance. These affordable and oh-so-satisfying batteries include top-rated battery cells that are tested under strict quality control standards to ensure long battery life and efficient high-speed charging. Packages also include a 12-month warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee you can probably just forget about.

AC Adapters

AC adapter might as well stand for "Awesomely Convenient" because of the way RAVPower makes finding replacement adapters for laptops a cinch. The replacements are available for tons of top brands and just as good as the original.

About RAVPower

RAVPower specializes in replacement laptop batteries and AC adapters, external battery power banks, replacement cell phone batteries, and various battery chargers. The company began in 2011 and has sold millions of products all over the world since. RAVPower strives to offer world-class customer service and product support.

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