MILPITAS, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 30, 2014) - Aryaka®, the leading 'As-A-Service' provider of WAN Optimization, Network, Application Delivery and Cloud Networks, today announced that Oxford Economics, the world leader in global forecasting and quantitative analysis, selected Aryaka's CDN for Web Application Delivery to improve application response time for its globally distributed user base.

Headquartered in Oxford, England, Oxford Economics has offices across the globe in London, New York, Singapore, Belfast, Chicago, Paris, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Sydney. In addition to 150 full-time employees, the company has a contributor network of over 500 economists, analysts and journalists around the world, many of whom continuously upload content to the website for consumption by Oxford Economics' client base of more than 850 international corporate and government organizations.

Before deploying Aryaka, staff uploading content and clients accessing services from different parts of the world didn't enjoy uniformly high speeds across all regions. In some regions, like Asia Pacific, performance could be significantly bad. To address poor and variable network performance, Oxford Economics investigated a number of options including traditional Content Delivery Network (CDN) solutions which were dismissed as a major portion of their content is dynamic.

"There was a large disparity in the speed of delivery of our website and data services to customers, particularly in places far away from our UK data centers like Asia Pacific and Western USA. Some of our complex subscription pages were taking anywhere between 10 - 20 seconds to load despite having normal server CPU load and disk I/O. We had to improve network performance for users across the globe to keep pace with our expected subscription business growth rate and to provide the best possible user experience in our web and mobile service delivery channels," said Dr. Arvindra Sehmi, CIO at Oxford Economics.

Aryaka's CDN for Web Application Delivery provides application acceleration over an intelligent 'last mile', built on a private core network backbone unlike traditional CDN solutions that route traffic over the public Internet. The solution, built for enterprises, combines private connectivity with a global DNS infrastructure, multi-segment TCP optimization, caching and compression to offer a superior means of achieving consistently high performance for all users accessing centralized web resources hosted anywhere in the world.

Oxford Economics experienced the following benefits with the Aryaka deployment:

  • Up to 90% faster response time
  • 98% cache hit rate
  • 100% availability
  • Highly consistent performance globally
  • World class 24/7 Support including in depth network utilization analytics and insight

"The entire onboarding experience with Aryaka was very systematic, simple and quick. The benefits seen during the trial were really impressive. For larger downloads and content delivery, we saw some dramatic improvement in speeds -- up to 90% in Australia and Singapore and up to 80% in the US for certain workloads," added Arvindra. "We saw improvement in performance even in the UK where performance was already good. The incredible simplicity of the solution and excellent support during the trials was the winner for me. All we had to do was change one DNS entry and we were up and running!"

About Oxford Economics
Oxford Economics was founded in 1981 as a commercial venture with Oxford University's business college to provide economic forecasting and modelling to UK companies and financial institutions expanding abroad. Since then, they have become one of the world's foremost independent global advisory firms, providing reports, forecasts and analytical tools on 200 countries, 100 industrial sectors and over 3,000 cities. Their best-of-class global economic and industry models and analytical tools give them an unparalleled ability to forecast external market trends and assess their economic, social and business impact. For more information, please visit

About Aryaka
Aryaka delivers application and network performance for the globally distributed enterprise for better collaboration, communication and business productivity. Aryaka eliminates the need for costly WAN appliances or long-haul private links. Aryaka's premier WAN Optimization as-a-Service accelerates any application to any location on one affordable, optimized network. Aryaka's Network as-a-Service provides organizations an optimized network with QoS for instant and reliable business connectivity. Aryaka's Network OnDemand provides organizations with flexibility, agility, connectivity and optimization worldwide, and on demand. Aryaka's Cloud Network as-a-Service provides organizations an optimized and fully meshed network to on premise locations as well as cloud services. Aryaka's Application Delivery as-a-Service enables distributed business users to quickly access centralized enterprise applications and Cloud resources from anywhere in the world. All services provide end-to-end visibility with 24×7 world-class support. To learn more, visit Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.

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