HORSHAM, PA--(Marketwired - Oct 1, 2014) - Human Resource Executive® magazine, the premier publication focused on strategic issues in HR, today announced the winners of its Top HR Products of 2014 Awards. The winners will be recognized at a special luncheon to be held on Wednesday, October 8, 2014, during the 17th Annual HR Technology® Conference & Exposition taking place at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

The Top HR Products of 2014 competition is judged by the editors of Human Resource Executive® magazine, who make their selections based on each product's level of innovation, user-friendliness and value added to the HR profession. These top choices of HR products will also be detailed in the Oct. 2, 2014 issue of Human Resource Executive® magazine.

The winners of the Top HR Products of 2014 are:

Appcast.io, Lebanon, N.H.

Appcast.io is a new ad-exchange platform that allows employers to promote their open, hard-to-fill positions on a "pay-per-applicant" basis, across a network of approximately 6,000 career and consumer sites through the use of programmatic, rules-based ad buying. Rather than paying per word (as one would when placing a classified ad), per posting (via job boards) or per click (via job aggregators), Appcast.io allows employers to set their own price on a "cost-per-applicant" basis within the Appcast Publisher Network. Meanwhile, the process works with all applicant-tracking systems and is invisible to both recruiters and candidates.

Entelo Diversity
Entelo, San Francisco

Entelo's proprietary algorithm is designed to help organizations find candidates whose social profiles indicate a high probability of meeting specific gender, race or military experience requirements (without relying on specific keywords such as "black," "female," "veteran," etc.). Using data about a person's alma mater, professional and social affiliations, and job titles, the algorithm determines the person's likely gender, ethnicity or race, and whether he or she has military experience. Because such information is layered on top of a candidate's qualifications and skills, the algorithm can provide a level of objectivity intended to prevent discriminatory hiring practices.

Halogen 1:1 Exchange
Halogen Software, Ottawa, Canada

Halogen 1:1 Exchange is a one-on-one meeting-management tool that works with other Halogen TalentSpace modules and is designed to spur greater communication, collaboration and coaching. It lets managers facilitate ongoing regular meetings with their employees to review and track goals and development plans, and discuss a variety of other organizational or employee-specific topics. Employees, meanwhile, can use the exchanges to ask questions, clarify expectations, share progress and get feedback on their performance. The module tracks the frequency of these one-on-one meetings to provide employers with evidence these discussions are occurring. It also correlates the impact they are having on performance ratings, engagement scores and turnover. Agendas are automatically generated based on an employee's recent activity in the Halogen TalentSpace suite.

Health E(fx)
HealthCare Impact Associates, Minneapolis

Health E(fx) is a stand-alone solution designed to help employers avoid penalties while optimizing their benefits strategies, decisions and costs within the Affordable Care Act environment. Users can track eligibility, affordability and penalty risks associated with the ACA's multiple measurement and wait periods in order to comply with how the new law will manage this data. They can also look ahead by leveraging integrated benefits-management and ACA-compliance information to run cost-optimization scenarios, produce compliance reports required by the Internal Revenue Service and Treasury Department, and access historical data and reports to audit for ACA compliance. Health E(fx) is compliant with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, and is designed not only to help employers' benefits and HR professionals navigate the ACA, but third-party benefits brokers and consultants as well.

HireVue Insights
HireVue Inc., South Jordan, Utah

HireVue Insights relies on patented algorithms to evaluate what's worked for organizations in terms of candidate hiring in the past and uses the data to make better hires in the future. Insights employs a patented analytics engine known as Iris, which was built from approximately 3 million interview responses. Iris' algorithms discover various attributes that predict performance, then scores candidates on how they compare to existing top performers. In addition to scoring candidate interviews, the product also allows organizations to identify interviewers who are finding top performers. Companies can then use that information to determine which interviewers might be in need of coaching. HireVue Insights works in conjunction with the company's Talent Interaction Platform.

IBM Social Learning
IBM, Armonk, N.Y.

IBM Social Learning, powered by IBM Kenexa learning solutions and IBM social-collaboration and analytics tools, is designed to help people engage with one another, contribute expertise and learn from others using interactive media in near real-time. IBM Social Learning is designed to streamline the learning process by applying analytics and helping reveal opportunities to optimize content, improve efficiency and increase learning materials' longevity and relevance. It also gives employees the opportunity to connect to company-wide experts in any time zone who can answer questions in discussion forums or via live chats.

Match-Click, New York

Match-Click is a video-driven recruiting platform designed to let employers give job candidates a preview of their new corporate environment and potential supervisor and co-workers, through short, 20-second video clips featuring hiring managers and would-be colleagues describing the position and the organization. The videos, which can be recorded with webcams or smart phones, also allow employers to include additional information about the company, job, career path, location and other distinctive aspects of job opportunities within the organization. Job openings are posted on the Match-Click job board, where employers can provide links to their sites as well. Candidates can search for jobs by specifying job title, location and keywords, as well as other employment factors such as schedule. The platform is designed to be mobile-friendly.

QUEsocial, Chicago

QUEsocial blends employer branding and social recruiting into a social talent-acquisition Software-as-a-Service technology platform. The idea is to enable recruiters and -- by extension, employers -- to "amplify and extend" the employer brand through individual recruiter and sourcing networks. QUEsocial offers about 50 business metrics to track employer branding and social recruiting. It also provides analytics designed to directly tie social-media activity to business outcomes, including referrals, interviews and hires. The intent is to equip recruiters with pre-approved employer branding at their fingertips for one-touch sharing with potential candidates. This is intended to help them convert social networks into referrals, interviews and hires.

RecruitiFi Inc., New York

RecruitiFi is intended to offer organizations a new way to source talent by letting them select and post jobs to 250 expert recruiters from its membership pool of approximately 2,000. The recruiters are sorted by industry specialization and location, and are ranked based on RecruitiFi's proprietary algorithm that evaluates each recruiter's effectiveness. The platform acts as a single point of contact for both employers and recruiters.

Best Practice Institute, West Palm Beach, Fla.

Skillrater.com is a cloud-based performance-feedback tool that incorporates social networking and collaboration. It is designed to encourage employees, leaders, teams and organizations to collaborate and help each other improve over time. After completing any work activity, an employee can request a rating from a supervisor, peer, client or customer. Skillrater's feedback is provided in the form of one-to-five ratings on day-to-day activities. Supervisors can identify the skills needed to excel at specific activities, and those skills become the criteria for the numeric ratings. Skillrater can also plug in to complement any integrated talent-management suite, such as Oracle Talent Cloud or SuccessFactors, or can be used as a stand-alone solution. It can also be used to help determine a return on investment in leadership-development programs and to track talent data for various HR developmental and organizational initiatives.

"For more than 25 years, Human Resource Executive® has evaluated the newest products to emerge in the HR industry to identify those that truly represent excellence in the field of HR technology," said David Shadovitz, editor of Human Resource Executive® and co-chair of the HR Technology Conference. "This year's competition was incredibly tough, with the introduction of dozens of unique and groundbreaking products, making the task of selecting just a handful of winners all the more difficult. We are proud to announce the 10 winners of the Top HR Products of 2014 Awards and congratulate these companies for developing innovative solutions that transform the way HR professionals perform their jobs."

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