TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Oct. 7, 2014) - Ontario's energy leaders were honoured for their outstanding work at the Ontario Energy Association (OEA) Energy Awards this evening. The OEA named Anthony Haines, President & CEO of Toronto Hydro Corporation the 2014 OEA Leader of the Year; Temporal Power the Company of the Year; and Kaihen the Emerging Company of the Year.

"This year's award winners are all models of the progressive change that is underway in our sector," said OEA President & CEO, Bob Huggard. "In keeping with the theme of ENERGYCONFERENCE14 these companies are all committed to strengthening Ontario's energy sector through development of cutting-edge technology, modernization of service, and strengthening of physical infrastructure."

The awards were handed out during the ENERGYCONFERENCE14 Energy Gala in front of political and policy leaders from across the province.

"I want to congratulate the individuals and organizations being recognized" said Minister of Energy, the Hon. Bob Chiarelli. "Your leadership and innovation are what will continue to propel our sector to new heights."

This years winners include:

  • The OEA Leader of the Year is Anthony Haines, President & CEO of Toronto Hydro Corp. While at the helm of one of Ontario's largest local distribution companies Mr. Haines has been a driving force for innovation and improvement in the distribution sector, particularly following the severe weather the province experienced last winter.

  • Temporal Power was awarded the Company of the Year Award for its success in developing and installing utility-scale flywheel technology capable of providing a range of grid-stability benefits. This highly innovative technology is made right here in Ontario, and storage solutions like Temporal's are a vital part of Ontario's evolving energy sector.

  • Kaihen, the OEA's Emerging Company of the Year, has worked closely with many of Ontario's leading electricity distributors to help them better understand their customers' needs and increase their quality of service. Kaihen is also an important advisor to the sector on process improvement and business development.

About the OEA: The Ontario Energy Association (OEA) aspires to be the most credible and trusted voice of the energy sector. We earn our reputation by being an integral and influential part of energy policy development and decision-making in Ontario. We represent Ontario's energy leaders that span the full diversity of the energy industry.

The OEA takes a grassroots approach to policy development by combining thorough evidence based research with executive interviews and member polling. This unique approach ensures our policies are not only grounded in rigorous research, but represent the views of the majority of our members. This sound policy foundation allows us to advocate directly with government decision makers to tackle issues of strategic importance to our members.

Together, we are working to build a stronger energy future for Ontario.

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