BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Oct 21, 2014) - Storiant today announced that Markley Cloud Services, the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) division of Markley Group, New England's largest multi-tenant telecommunications and data center service provider, has chosen Storiant software for an 11 petabyte long-term data storage solution. The announcement marks the first time that IaaS providers can store petabyte-scale data in a secure, scalable and reliable private cloud environment -- at a price below public cloud storage.

"Markley Cloud Services sees the explosion in data storage needs firsthand," said Patrick Gilmore, Markley Group chief technology officer. "Our enterprise customers need a more economical way to retain data, including features like SEC 17a-4(f) compliance, without giving up the high-availability cloud storage that we provide today. That's what makes Storiant unique; we can continue to offer our existing Tier 1 & Tier 2 storage services, supplemented by new, long-term storage services priced close to a penny per gigabyte per month. It's a huge cost savings for our customers."

Storiant software addresses the growing need for accessible, ultra-low-cost, long-term data storage for use cases such as big data analytics (data lake), disaster recovery, business continuity, archive storage and regulatory compliance. It also enables data centers to manage data volumes that are growing exponentially -- a trend that makes the economics of traditional storage solutions unsustainable.

Key Storiant features

  • Object storage software for managing structured and unstructured data
  • Total cost of ownership (TCO) less than $.01/gigabyte/month
  • Scales to exabytes
  • Eighteen nines of reliability with two copies
  • Immutability for compliance
  • Multi-tenant 
  • 10 Gb throughput for fast migration and big data analytics
  • Uses 75% less power plus doubles disk life with power-down capability
  • Reduces support costs via sparing and redundancy
  • Open standards integration

"We are seeing a big demand from data center service providers like Markley Group, who want to offer their customers an alternative to the public cloud for long-term storage," said Jeff Flowers, co-founder and CEO of Storiant. "They are in the midst of a perfect storm -- extreme data growth, lower public cloud costs and the increasing regulatory compliance needs of financial services customers. But until now they haven't been able to compete with public cloud costs and still provide the security, reliability, and compliance that their customers expect. Now they can."

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About Storiant
Founded in 2012, Storiant is the leading provider of long-term storage software for data centers. The company enables data centers to retain exabyte-scale data at 90 percent lower cost than traditional alternatives, rivaling the cost efficiencies and scalability of the public cloud without sacrificing security and control. Storiant is headquartered in Boston, MA.

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