PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 21, 2014) - IDXP Analytics today announced the availability of IDXP Promotion Power™, the industry's first performance measurement solution for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brand and shopper marketing managers who want to analyze and optimize their in-store promotions in real time. Conventional analysis of in-store promotions takes months to complete and delivers results only after promotions are finished -- too late to give brand managers any time to take corrective action and optimize financial results while promotions are still running.

IDXP Promotion Power is a cloud-based solution that delivers advanced real-time analysis of shopper behavior based on in-store Wi-Fi sensors and POS data. IDXP Promotion Power delivers shopper exposure, engagement, conversion and sales uplift metrics for end-cap promotions, enabling brand and shopper marketing managers to fine-tune promotions while they're still under way. IDXP presents analytical results through browser-based dashboards and reports to brand and shopper marketing managers, retailers, and store operations teams.

"We're offering brand and shopper marketing managers powerful real-time shopper behavior data and bringing unprecedented insight into their in-store promotions," said Gustavo Lemos, Co-founder and CEO of IDXP Analytics. "The conventional models for monitoring promotions no longer work. Brand managers have no idea how many shoppers have seen their displays and how effective those displays are in their current locations. This lack of real-time insight leaves brand and shopper marketing managers flying blind. They have no way to course correct or optimize promotions while they are under way. This is a massive problem for retailers and CPG companies and helps explain why 74% of promotions do not break even."

Nominated as the IBM Global Entrepreneur of the Year in 2011, IDXP Analytics continues to bring deep analytical products for brand, shopper marketing and retail managers to answer critical questions such as:

  • What percentage of shoppers who view a promotion make a purchase?
  • How does the location of a particular store display affect sales?
  • What would be the best location for a secondary display?
  • Do shopper interactions with our promotion vary by day or time?
  • How many customers are repeat customers?
  • What are our exposure, engagement, conversion, sales uplift, and loyalty results?

IDXP Analytics will be demonstrating the IDXP Promotion Power solution in Booth 635 at the Shopper Marketing Conference & Expo in Minneapolis from October 22-23.

For more information about IDXP Promotions Power, please contact Prasad K.R., Co-Founder & Vice President of Strategy and Business Development for IDXP Analytics, at or at (408) 400-7971.

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