DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - Oct 21, 2014) - Subsentio today announced ExteNet Systems, a leading provider of advanced distributed networks enabling LTE mobile connectivity for wireless carriers, venues, cities, and communities, the first to qualify and endorse the Subsentio Safe Harbor Probe™ for LTE.

Following successful interoperability tests at ExteNet Systems, the Subsentio Safe Harbor Probe™ for LTE-based networks is now a proven solution recommended by ExteNet to its customers for meeting requirements of the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA). ExteNet customers that choose the Safe Harbor Probe™ for LTE now have the confidence and ability to meet court ordered requirements for lawful intercepts of broadband over LTE networks.

"With the rapid market-wide transition to smart devices connected to public mobile broadband networks -- not just by ordinary citizens but also by criminals -- law enforcement agencies increasingly require lawful access to evidence on LTE networks," said Steve Bock, President of Subsentio. "This successful test paves the way for ExteNet customers to meet their full requirements under CALEA, helping police and federal law enforcement identify dangerous elements that use LTE networks for illicit purposes."

"The high performance and competitive pricing of the Safe Harbor Probe™ for LTE makes it the ideal CALEA solution for customers that currently provide or plan to offer commercial LTE service," said Eric Abbott - Director, Product Line Management of ExteNet Systems.

ExteNet's Abbott added, "Safe Harbor Probe™ for LTE is the first CALEA solution to be tested, verified, and approved by ExteNet Systems, and we are very pleased to recommend it to our customers with full confidence -- both in the technical capabilities of the product, and in Subsentio's unique service bureau approach providing full support for all legal and law enforcement agency liaison involved in executing a lawful intercept court order."

About The Safe Harbor Probe™ for LTE
The Safe Harbor Probe™ for LTE is a "passive" device that connects to the edge of a mobile operator's network -- versus within network switching hardware -- and is activated upon receipt of a court order for lawful intercept. Configured specifically for LTE interception needs, Safe Harbor Probe™ for LTE may be used with LTE networks, or with 2G/3G radio access networks that use the Evolved Packet Core (EPC), the latest evolution of the 3GPP core network architecture for LTE.

About Subsentio
Subsentio, Inc. is a trusted third-party provider of lawful electronic surveillance and privacy services to U.S. and international communications service providers. Based in Centennial, CO, the company specializes in the needs of advanced communication providers.

About ExteNet Systems
Lisle, IL-based ExteNet Systems, Inc. designs, builds, owns and operates distributed networks for use by wireless carriers, both national and rural, and venue owners in key strategic markets. Using distributed antenna systems (DAS), small cells, Wi-Fi, distributed EPC and other technologies, ExteNet deploys networks to enhance coverage and capacity and enable superior wireless service in both outdoor and indoor environments. Primary markets addressed by ExteNet include outdoor distributed networks in a variety of urban, suburban and rural settings, alongside a host of indoor verticals, including sports and entertainment venues, the hospitality industry, commercial buildings, and healthcare facilities. For more information, visit

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