BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Oct 22, 2014) - Have you ever seen a ghost? Are you ready to? Forget pop-up haunted houses on All Hallows' Eve. This is the time of year to cross over to the realm of the paranormal or visit with lingering spirits. For those who seek out the eerie, the travel experts at, the online leader in finding and publishing travel deals, have picked their Top 10 Cities that Spook: Creepy Tours around the World. From Chicago to India and in between there's no escaping storied cemeteries, witch curses with no end, headless ghosts of queens and clanging chains of prisoners whose souls have yet to flee! 

Scare yourself silly this Halloween at one of these five spooky tours:

  • Salem, Massachusetts - Witchcraft is deeply ingrained in the history and reputation of Salem, where the infamous Salem Witch Trials took place in 1692. Dive into the truly dark details surrounding the trials and throughout the city's past on a Spellbound Tour, where you'll visit the location of an old Witch Dungeon and the second oldest cemetery in the U.S. For a more off-the-beaten-path look into Salem's mysterious history, choose the Salem Tunnel Tour where you'll be guided to various locations throughout the city. Hear tales of ghosts told by a medium and learn about conspiracy theories that have become part of the city's culture including secret tunnels, sealed entrances and more.

  • Edinburgh, Scotland - Edinburgh is said to be the most haunted city in Scotland, and with many underground tunnels and streets it's no surprise why. In Old Town, Mary King's Close, a street now enclosed underground, is said to be where victims of the plague in the mid-1600s were quarantined and left to die. Explore the ins and outs of Edinburgh's underground history with a City of the Dead tour, where you'll be taken to the South Bridge Vaults. Built to house pubs and shops, the Vaults were soon abandoned due to poor conditions, but remain a site of active ghost sightings and paranormal activity still today.

  • Prague, Czech Republic - For the best bet of a haunted sighting, visit Prague's Old Town where numerous dark events in the city's history took place. Haunted Prague offers a number of gruesome options, including the Ghosts, Torture and Underground Tour that takes you on a walk to the Charles Bridge, where famous construction mysteries and executions took place. The underground portion of the tour offers insight into real torture methods and punishment tactics that were used on prisoners. As midnight rolls around, visit the Old Cemetery in the Jewish Quarter where an estimated 100,000 bodies are buried and supernatural sightings have been recorded.

  • Rajasthan, India - It is believed that Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan, India, about four hours from Delhi, is the most haunted place in India. The fort is supposedly cursed by a sorcerer living in the city who attempted but failed to make the palace princess fall in love with him, in turn cursing the palace residents to death. Select travel operators in India offer independent haunted tours of the area, but it is still prohibited for tourists to visit this unique site between sunset and sunrise, according to the Archaeological Survey of India. Local residents claim that no one who has stayed in the ruins after sunset has returned.

  • New Orleans, Louisiana - It's hard to look into the history of New Orleans without coming across Madame LaLaurie, a socialite in New Orleans in the late 16th and early 17th century. Known for her brutality and torture tactics used on slaves, many of the city's ghost stories involve her victims. A New Orleans Ghost Tour will take you to the haunted mansion on Royal Street, where spectators have said they've heard screams of Madame LaLaurie's victims from years past. If you prefer a more well rounded tour of New Orleans' dark past, try the French Quarter Phantoms Ghost and Vampire Tour for a glimpse into some sinister tales of vampires that lurk in the city's history.

And if you still haven't fled in fear, here are the other five creepy callings from around the globe: Chicago, Illinois, Victoria, Australia, Kimberly, South Africa, London, England, San Francisco, California. For the full list of Top 10 Cities that Spook: Creepy Tours around the World, visit:

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