NEW HUDSON, MI--(Marketwired - Oct 22, 2014) - Green Bridge Technologies, LLC announced today they have acquired the exclusive right to distribute Pulstar® spark plugs products to the alternative fuel mobile markets in North America and the Caribbean. The agreement provides Green Bridge Technologies and its affiliates with the opportunity to fully develop the market for this advanced ignition product.

Pulstar's Nano-Plasma Assisted Combustion (n-PACtm) technology forms a plasma field which dramatically improves fuel ignition, combustion stability and flame propagation. For consumers and fleet operators this means improved fuel efficiency, throttle response, horsepower and torque -- while reducing toxic tailpipe emissions. The plasma formed by Pulstar's n-PAC technology is especially effective with harder to ignite alternative fuels such as CNG, LPG, and LNG and E85. The energy dense plasma field formed by Pulstar plugs causes the fuel mixture to become highly reactive, ensuring consistent ignition and more efficient combustion.

Green Bridge Technologies LLC was formed by principals with over 100 years of industry experience to bring green technologies to the North American fleet market. Currently, the organization's primary focus is the distribution and commercialization of the Pulstar® plasma forming spark plug in the North American and Caribbean alternative fuels markets. Green Bridge Technologies has already secured commitments from its integrated partners Icom North America, Imega USA and Crazy Diamond Performance to distribute Pulstar® through its dealers and to specify Pulstar® spark plugs whenever possible with its proprietary CNG and LPG conversion systems. The group has large public and private fleet conversion contracts and a robust distributor network.

Albert Venezio, CEO of Green Bridge Technologies and chairman for Icom states, "Pulstar's plasma ignition technology, n-PACtm, is a huge step forward for engines with alternative fuel systems. Using plasma assisted combustion is easy; simply replace the vehicles existing spark plugs with Pulstar spark plugs. We have seen amazing results, with miles per gallon increases of up to 6 percent and emissions decreases of up to 5 percent beyond what is already produced by using alternative fuels. Achieving these results with other products on the market would cost thousands of dollars per vehicle, making them impractical in fleet applications. Fleet operators will feel and see results immediately, especially to their bottom line."

Danilo Gardi, CEO of EuroAmerican Engineering, has over 30 years' experience through his work with Fiat subsidiary Magneti Marelli and unique work calibrating F1 Lemans Series prototype race cars. A leading calibration expert for alternative fuels, Gardi states, "We have used plasma assist with great success on many F1 cars to improve vehicle performance that cost tens of thousands of dollars per engine. This approach utilizes very expensive and complex systems. Enerpulse has elegantly and inexpensively delivered this technology in their Pulstar spark plugs; truly incredible."

"Early plug-and-play testing performed with Pulstar's technology has netted very positive results," stated Kevin Fern, CEO of Crazy Diamond Performance Inc. "Vehicle dynamometer testing on a boosted engine platform has resulted in a repeatable 1.6 percent net increase in horsepower and more stable combustion throughout the engines usable operating area. Testing Pulstar's technology with natural gas (CNG) and propane (LPG) fuels produced a noticeable increase in throttle response, upper speed combustion stability as well as helping to stabilize combustion variability in cold start conditions, which sometimes can be difficult when calibrating and using gaseous fuels. I'm excited for this partnership and see it as a growth opportunity for both Enerpulse and our affiliates."

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Green Bridge Technologies LLC brings green technologies to the North American fleet market. With over was 100 years of combined industry experience, its principals are committed to the distribution and commercialization of Pulstar® spark plugs in the alternative fuels market.

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