AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - October 27, 2014) - EPIC Corporation (PINKSHEETS: EPOR) ("EPIC") and Ronald S. Tucker, EPIC's president, declared "EPIC's management is convinced EPIC has a substantial intrinsic value and its common stock is significantly undervalued."

"EPIC is not a typical pink sheet non-reporting company," stated Mr. Tucker. "We have a different business concept. We believe a company's value is its intrinsic or enterprise value and our strategy is to provide short term and long term investors with capital growth."

"EPIC is a project company. Our objective is to develop intrinsic value in development stage companies. We hold the conviction that our common stock is undervalued based on our Present Value Model evaluation. Our future revenue and profits will come from EPIC's exclusive worldwide rights to the patented design fabric AcuFAB®," stated Mr. Tucker. "AcuFAB® is a unique spacer fabric with a microclimate that provides greater air ventilation and blood circulation to persons sitting, lying down, or standing. Users have affirmed AcuFAB®'s qualities with written and oral testimonials."

"Intrinsic value is calculated on facts and reasonable assumptions, not hype or promotion. Intrinsic value is not market value and is not based on revenues," stated Mr. Tucker. "Development companies by definition have no or limited revenues. Substantial revenues are slow to develop. Intrinsic value does not reflect actual sales. It does reflect potential revenues and profits. The value assumes an enterprise will have sufficient capital for marketing and advertising costs," he explained.

Management made its Present Value Model calculation based on the following facts:

  1. EPIC has an exclusive worldwide license to market and sell AcuFAB® products in large existing market segments offering existing products which are less effective than those made with AcuFAB®. These market segments include medical, healthcare, and consumer segments.
  2. Several products made from AcuFAB® have been distributed as samples to consumers, healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities; all have provided written and oral testimonials.
  3. The testimonials demonstrate AcuFAB®'s products provide healthcare benefits.
  4. AcuFAB® is the only major material cost.
  5. No capital equipment or other capital costs are required.
  6. A significant, well established and well financed US textile mill makes the fabric with a propriety process. The mill has the capability to produce sufficient quantities of fabric that can meet any demand. They are not able to sell fabric or use the process to make the fabric for any other party.
  7. AcuFAB® products are simple products and can be produced at a reasonable cost by a US contract provider that, in addition, will act as a fulfillment center.
  8. AcuFAB® can be sold to OEM's.

"EPIC is a project company and, its subsidiary, RX Healthcare Systems, Ltd,, is a development stage company. They have established the potential of AcuFAB® and its products," said Mr. Tucker. "RX Healthcare, a non trading company, is now in transition to become an operating company. We have developed a strategic and tactical plan to raise the necessary capital to launch the operational business. An important part of the plan is to inform and convince short and long term investors that (1) EPIC is not the typical pink sheet company, (2) that it is not a 'shell company' and (3) that its stock is undervalued."


EPIC has not been able to arrange for the trading its Series A 5% Convertible Preferred Stock. However, a few direct shareholder trades have established a preferred stock printed value. The shareholders of Preferred stock on September 30, 2014, received a 10.1466% quarterly stock dividend in EPIC common stock.

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