TRUMBULL, CT--(Marketwired - Oct 27, 2014) -  ZetrOZ, Inc. announced a contract with the U.S. Army Military Health Command today to develop a bio-electronic wound dressing incorporating OZ Inside technology, to accelerate healing via Sustained Acoustic Medicine. The Phase 1 study, the first of its kind, is funded by an SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) grant and the work will be performed in a collaboration between ZetrOZ and Professor Stephen Davis, Director of the Pre-Clinical Wound Healing & Infection Research Laboratories in the University of Miami Health System.

The $150,000 grant supports the study to determine the effects of ZetrOZ's sam® ultrasonic technology for accelerating the closure and complete healing of wounds such as trauma lacerations.

According to an official funding request from the USAMHC, there is a strong military need for an active wound dressing treatment that combines traditional wound coverage with innovative wound regeneration support approaches to enable rapid treatment of wounded Warfighters, e.g. by negative pressure application, wound irrigation, oxygenation support, regeneration solution perfusion.

The sam® device has been selected to study for its efficacy in achieving the military's need for a new wound dressing. George K. Lewis, Jr., PhD, ZetrOZ Co-Founder, Chief Scientific & Technology Officer and study co-leader explains, "The aim of this first phase is to verify early accelerated wound healing results on small animals by demonstrating the same benefits on large animals with direct relevance to human subjects." The animal model selected is a pig, due to the similar size of relevant tissues and anatomical structure.

Upon validating success in an animal model specific to accelerated healing of trauma, the teams will work to develop and deploy innovative wound healing solutions for the Department of Defense relevant to current military concerns including injuries from IEDs, burns and lacerations.

"Our aim is to provide treatments that accelerate recovery and reduce the risk of infection for our troops as well as civilians," added Professor Davis, "the sam® device offers just that potential."

About ZetrOZ, Inc.

ZetrOZ is revolutionizing the medical therapeutic industry with its proprietary technology including the recently introduced sam® sustained acoustic medicine and UltrOZ®, miniature wearable ultrasound devices for accelerated recovery and pain management. The innovative non-invasive therapeutic technologies have been shown to be more efficient, more portable, and more economically viable than any ultrasound systems presently available and are currently the world's smallest and strongest ultrasound therapy systems. The sam® device addresses the growing demand for non-pharmaceutical and bio-regenerative alternatives to typical pharma-based pain treatments in the approximately $62 billion U.S. pain management market. Early adopters of sam® include physical therapists, athletic trainers and athletes for improved recovery of overuse injuries such as tendonopathies and muscle strains. ZetrOZ is also known for developing the first swallowable ultrasound pill with Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is supported by the U.S. National Institutes of Health and U.S. Department of Defense. For more information, visit