ANNAPOLIS, MD--(Marketwired - Oct 27, 2014) - South River Technologies, Inc. (SRT), an innovator in secure file transfer, has announced a customer update, stating that none of its products are affected by the recently reported SSL vulnerability, known as Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption, or POODLE.

The POODLE vulnerability affects technologies that use SSL version 3. Hackers can exploit the vulnerability to hijack SSL v3 sessions in browsers, forcing an SSL 3 connection to servers that use the protocol to then access traffic and data, including encrypted and potentially sensitive user data being shared over the connection.

SRT's Cornerstone and Titan FTP Servers use the newer and more secure TLS to encrypt file transfers. TLS encryption is not affected by the POODLE Vulnerability.

"We are responsible for 80,000 customers globally -- and it is core to our mission that we serve those customers by using the most secure, up-to-date encryption technologies available," says Michael Ryan, CEO of South River Technologies. "We continuously monitor vulnerabilities and stay ahead of the curve by using the latest and best available encryption methods."

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South River Technologies, or SRT, is an innovator in secure file management software. The company's software allows users to access, manage, and share files over the internet in order to automate and streamline business processes and to improve productivity. SRT pioneered the internet drive mapping technology used in WebDrive, which enhances customers' existing applications. More than 80,000 customers in 130 countries use SRT's software to make remote file access and collaboration more efficient for their customers, partners, and distributed workforce. For more information, please visit

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