MCLEAN, VA--(Marketwired - Oct 27, 2014) - Most new businesses have to endure multiple ups and downs in order to succeed, especially in the economic crisis we have had to overcome. Bivion International has proven that this company did not let those difficult times hold them back from success. They are now on the rise to expand to two more locations by the end of 2014. Bivion International officials expect the expansion to improve investor confidence and widen its customer base. In addition, Bivion International will be employing many new, up and coming contributors to their business. As one of the largest and fastest growing sales and marketing firms in the Northern Virginia area, Bivion International has lead the direct marketing field in areas such as customer service, product branding, sales and the acquisition of new clientele. Our clients have specific fields of expertise ranging from consumer electronics to the biggest name in satellite TV services. We feel we can complement their niche with a superior marketing and sales team to keep them busy doing what they do best.

Howard Bivens Jr, President and CEO, decided it was time to expand into the Florida area. With this new expansion, Bivion International hopes to further extend awareness of the impact of these Direct Marketing efforts, as well as create employment opportunities for individuals within the Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC area. With this expansion in the form of opening a new branch, Bivion International plans to drive demand and increase overall revenue. Mr. Bivens commented on the upcoming expansion, "We are more than excited to be able to continuously expand across the United States. Earlier this year we expanded to three different markets. These expansions allow us to create more career opportunities for those areas; which helps boost our economy even more in the right direction." Mr. Bivens is the first to say that he is not the only one deserving of all the recognition that his company is receiving in the marketing world. "Our approach is to provide our clients with a channel to reach their consumers with this rich personal experience. Not only do we recognize that people are the single most important aspect of any marketing campaign, but we also realize that every great company must be comprised of great people to be able to stand the test of time. Our results have been unwavering because of the unbelievable team that we have on staff, and the partnerships we have with our clients. Our goal is to not only continue to provide consumers with a positive human experience but also to be able to enhance the lives and career opportunities of our family. Bivion International proves to be setting and exceeding new goals in terms of growth and evolution. It looks as though the sky is the limit for this firm and those looking to join this exceptional organization. With several markets set to launch in the fourth quarter of this year, we are excited to see the status and condition of Bivion's innovation and growth into the New Year."

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