KIRKLAND, WA--(Marketwired - Oct 27, 2014) - SCI Solutions (, the healthcare industry's leading referral management and patient scheduling platform, today announced the availability of a new, enhanced version of Schedule Maximizer®, the healthcare industry's first SaaS-based enterprise scheduling solution. The solution offers first-of-its-kind functionality to make complex scheduling and reporting easier than ever, helping health systems better coordinate care with their provider communities to reduce gaps in patient care and network leakage. The solution also gives health systems a sophisticated method for evaluating all outpatient procedures to measure and prioritize high-value appointments, helping them evolve revenue strategies beyond just volume.

The enhanced solution benefited from a collaborative relationship with Northeast Georgia Health System, an early adopter of the technology, focused on achieving innovations related to true bidirectional communication across existing systems and advanced workflows for surgical procedures and outpatient revenue drivers.

"The next era of innovation in healthcare will require strong partnerships between health systems and technology companies to power new collaboration opportunities and solve critical business problems," said Allana Cummings, CIO of Northeast Georgia Health System. "SCI helped us integrate our McKesson Paragon™ system with Schedule Maximizer so that we can be more strategic about our outpatient revenue strategy. Now we are able to focus our efforts beyond managing outpatient volume to better prioritize workflows in order to be more effective in managing throughput and generating additional revenue, quicker."

With the addition of a Next Available Analytics tool, Schedule Maximizer now allows health systems to easily measure, study and act upon available capacity, better converting its asset inventory into revenue -- a capability needed by larger, consolidated health systems seeking to gain the value of their scale. Once configured, the Next Available Analytics report runs automatically, ensuring providers no longer need to manually track, count or manage a cumbersome reporting process when measuring first, second, or third next available appointments across its network.

Along with Next Available Analytics, the enhanced version of Schedule Maximizer offers even more automation during the scheduling process to accommodate patients' appointment history, payer reimbursement rules, prep requirements and performing department needs, as well as improved, tighter search capability for complex scheduling. These advancements are important as they are helping SCI set industry benchmarks around scheduling and its significance to revenue growth strategies for health systems.

"We believe efficient, electronic conversion of clinically appropriate referrals and orders into patient appointments across care communities is a unique advantage enjoyed by SCI clients," said Joel French, CEO of SCI Solutions. "Schedule Maximizer's new advanced search algorithms and analytics now enable our clients to optimize their organizational effectiveness by more efficiently synchronizing their supply with market demand, and converting it into incremental revenue." 

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