SHENZHEN, CHINA--(Marketwired - Oct 27, 2014) -  CIMC Internet of Mobile Things International Operation and Service Co., Ltd. (CIMC IOMT) and Globe Tracker International, ApS announce a strategic partnership.

The parties will expand their existing relationship and form a strategic partnership to supply the container shipping, trucking, railway and logistics industries with global tracking, monitoring and remote asset management services and equipment. These CIMC products will primarily be dry bulk and refrigerated containers, but will also include tanker containers, trucks, truck trailers, railway cars, and other products that will benefit from global tracking, monitoring and remote asset management services. In the arrangement CIMC IOMT will become an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of Globe Tracker's tracking, monitoring and remote asset management solution equipment. CIMC will promote and sell the services and equipment to customers under the CIMC brand.

According to Dr. Shouqin Zhou of CIMC, "We are pleased to be working with Globe Tracker to deploy this advanced technology for the global marketplace."

"We couldn't be more pleased or more honored than having CIMC as our OEM partner for bringing cutting-edge tracking and monitoring technology to the global marketplace where there is such profound need for it," said Jim Davis, CEO of Globe Tracker.

About CIMC Internet of Mobile Things International Operation and Service Co., Ltd.

This entity has been recently established as a subsidiary of the CIMC Intelligent Technology Company, Ltd. which is a subsidiary of China International Marine Container Company, Ltd. In general, CIMC Intelligent Technology Company develops and deploys leading intelligent technologies integrated into the parent company's products for the world market. While initially focused on smart containers and trucks, it has now expanded, reaching end-to-end across the entire supply chain and includes all types of logistics equipment.

CIMC IOMT, Ltd. has been formed as an advocate of the Internet of Things (IOT) and also as a creator of equipment for IOT. By combining traditional equipment with intelligent machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies, CIMC IOMT, Ltd. is developing intelligent systems solutions for a new generation of logistics equipment. 

About Globe Tracker International, ApS

A privately held Danish company revolutionizing supply chain visibility and profitability, Globe Tracker opened a development center in Beijing, China in February of 2007, and now has offices and development centers in Qingdao, China; Copenhagen, Denmark; Reykjavik, Iceland; Tórshavn Faroe Islands and Melbourne, Florida in America. Globe Tracker is a leading provider of data sharing, data analytics, and global asset tracking and monitoring services and equipment. Globe Tracker offers the most advanced tracking device, the Globe Tracker® Communications Unit, and two industry-leading network offerings: The Globe Tracker® Smart Autonomous Asset Network and the Globe Tracker® Trade Data Exchange Network. These innovative solutions deliver end-to-end supply chain asset tracking and monitoring, enabling business partners to securely, selectively share trade data.

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Key Takeaways

  • Globe Tracker (GTI) and CIMC strategic partnership enables industry tracking innovation to occur at a faster rate -- smart containers and equipment
  • CIMC IOMT will become an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of Globe Tracker's tracking, monitoring and remote asset management equipment and will sell the equipment under its brand
  • Integration of tracking into the container equipment at the production level may reduce installation costs and facilitate adoption of the technology
  •  GTI and CIMC collaboration may reduce capital expenditures associated with implementation of current aftermarket tracking solutions
  • CIMC is addressing customer demand for tracking equipment and services
  • GTI solutions are currently being used in Asia, Middle East and Europe; Americas by the end of 2014

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