EMSDETTEN, GERMANY--(Marketwired - Oct 27, 2014) - What was once thought impossible is now reality: refrigeration specialist WAECO presents the world's first portable compressor cooler for simultaneous cooling and freezing of food and beverages. Thus configured the new WAECO CoolFreeze CFX 65 DZ offers a functionality that used to be the reserve of household refrigerators. The extremely powerful compressor cooler features a roomy refrigeration zone and a separate 17-litre freezer compartment. Fresh food, beverage bottles and deep-frozen food can all be transported at just the right temperature.

Moreover, the WAECO CoolFreeze CFX 65 DZ offers all the benefits of the award-winning CFX compressor cooler series. Their heavy-duty cabinet makes them reliable companions in all situations. Reinforced edges, stainless steel hinges, a robust lid lining and sturdy fold-out handles ensure they can withstand the most demanding loads. At the same time CFX coolers are remarkably light in weight and easy to transport.

Featuring the well-known "WAECO One-World" function -- which means that CoolFreeze CFX coolers accept all energy sources from 12 to 240 volts -- the high-tech series comes with many other goodies that make the hearts of travel enthusiasts beat faster. Three-stage battery protection ensures the engine is always ready to start, an electronic thermostat with digital temperature readout makes for accurate temperature control, a USB connection is available for recharging smaller gadgets, and the detachable lid with the non-slip rubber mat makes a welcome extra table on board or in the awning tent.

When the freezer compartment is not required the partition can simply be removed to get a single-zone compartment with the same temperature throughout. Regardless of the configuration chosen, the CoolFreeze CFX 65 DZ provides reliable cooling up to -22°C, even when temperatures are soaring outside. And very economical at that, with an A+ energy efficiency class rating. The LED interior light adds to a perfect energy balance.

The youngest member of the worldwide unique CoolFreeze CFX series comes with a useful accessory: WAECO's all-new, wireless display shows the current cooling temperature, the connected power source and the selected battery protection and alarm settings. It can be fitted in the cockpit to be kept in view while driving, or in any other place up to 15 metres away from the cooler. The wireless digital display features a visual and acoustic alarm. It can be powered by the vehicle's 12- or 24-volt DC supply, or by standard AAA-type batteries.

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