CUPERTINO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 28, 2014) - Soundhawk® announced today that the company's Smart Listening System™ is now shipping to customers and available for purchase online at for $299. Soundhawk is the first product to integrate breakthrough hearing science into an affordable and easy-to-use consumer product.

"Soundhawk was created to help people hear more of what matters most even in the noisiest places. Each of us struggles at times to hear soft speech, over distances or in noisy environments. It can be incredibly frustrating when we are not able to communicate and participate as much as we would like," said Michael Kisch, Soundhawk CEO.

Soundhawk is at the forefront of a new era of technology designed to enhance how we experience our world by helping millions of people hear, communicate and connect in everyday situations.

"Soundhawk isn't fixing what's broken; it's enhancing what already works by giving each person the ability to personalize their listening experience to their unique preferences and environment," said Dr. Andrew Dundas, Chief Scientific Officer at Soundhawk and former Director of Audiology at the University of California, San Francisco.

About the Smart Listening System
Soundhawk is a simple, sleek and affordable system that includes three elegantly designed pieces of hardware, all unified by a mobile app. Soundhawk is currently available in two colors: graphite and sand.

  • The Soundhawk App: Each of us hears differently, and no two environments sound the same. The Soundhawk app makes it quick and easy to set up Soundhawk and personalize it to your unique listening preferences and environment using Soundhawk's patented sound personalization technology. The Soundhawk app is available for free download to iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.
  • The Scoop: Light as a feather and ultra compact, the Scoop is engineered for clarity and comfort. Designed to fit snugly in your ear, the Scoop is the central player in the Smart Listening System, interacting with the mobile app and the other hardware components.
  • Wireless Mic: The Wireless Mic gets anyone closer to what they want to hear in even the noisiest places. Simply place it near what you want to hear to elevate that sound and deliver it in stunning clarity directly to the Scoop.
  • Charging Case: The Charging Case is home base for the Scoop and Wireless Mic. It protects and organizes each component. It also includes a rechargeable battery that can extend the battery life of the Scoop up to 27 hours.

Using Soundhawk
Soundhawk can be used in three ways:

  • Active listening: The Scoop's dual microphones selectively amplify specific sound frequencies to enhance your ability to understand speech while reducing background noise.
  • Cut through the noise: The Wireless Mic helps anyone hear over distances and through background noise. Using the Wireless Mic is perfect for noisy restaurants, coffee shops or watching the TV at a volume comfortable to everyone.
  • Hands-free communications: While wearing the Scoop, you can place or receive a phone call on your smartphone or access Siri® and Google Now™.

"As a company, our focus is on delivering an exceptional customer experience. From the product design, to our website, to our customer care team, we are all dedicated to making sure our customers have the best experience any time they engage with Soundhawk," Kisch said. Soundhawk backs up this promise by offering accessible, live support; free shipping and returns; a 60-day no-worry return policy; and a one-year warranty on all products.

About Soundhawk
Soundhawk is on a mission to transform the listening experience simply and affordably so everyone can hear the world the way they want. Soundhawk was founded by one of the world's leading hearing experts, Dr. Rodney Perkins. Dr. Perkins previously founded the California Ear Institute at Stanford and ReSound, which is one of the world's largest hearing aid companies. Soundhawk was developed by former executives and engineers from Apple, Amazon, Palm and Starkey Hearing Technologies and is funded by True Ventures, Foxconn International Holdings and other leading entrepreneurs. To learn more and keep in touch, please visit or follow us @Soundhawk on Twitter and

Contact Information:

Contact Information
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