AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - Oct 28, 2014) - RenewData, a legal consulting and technology company with solutions that address the full spectrum of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), today announced the availability of the Language-Based Analytics (LBA) Language Library. The service, available in conjunction with RenewData's Language-Based Analytics(SM), leverages language specific to an individual corporation to promote data reuse, prevent keyword over-development and reduce the time and costs related to document review.

With document review budgets swelling due to steep increases in electronic content and communication methods, pressure is on in-house counsel to work smarter and reduce costs. Document review solutions or methods that produce numerous false positives or cannot accurately identify relevant results work against this goal. This is further complicated by the fact that each company adds its own unique layer of language or industry terms.

The LBA Language Library, combined with RenewData's Language-Based Analytics, creates reusable work products built with language and meanings that directly correlate to the corporation's unique vocabulary.

"Frankly, most organizations are not taking advantage of the significant overlap of issues in their cases and the language used to talk about those issues. This commonly impacts financial or healthcare services companies and areas such as intellectual property that often face a great deal of litigation- or discovery-related overlap," said Andrew Kraftsow, chief scientist of RenewData. "When an understanding of what that language means for a corporation is harnessed with the LBA Language Library, this knowledge and its reuse can significantly accelerate document review while returning more accurate results."

RenewData's Language-Based Analytics (LBA) examines the actual words in a document collection so that in-house counsel can gain better insight into data, gain an advantage in keyword negotiations and quickly hone in on key documents much earlier in the eDiscovery process.

The LBA Language Library, when paired with Language-Based Analytics, captures and stores the unique language used by the corporation as well as logical expressions and highlights of relevant language in previous matters. With every matter, in-house counsel can continue to build and refine the LBA Language Library and gain growing insight into the corporation's communications. This results in the reduction of start-up time on future matters, lower costs due to the ability to leverage work product on previous matters and the elimination of keyword overdevelopment.

The LBA Language Library is available immediately. To find out more about it and Language-Based Analytics, call 1-888.811.3789 or visit the RenewData booth (#1008) during the Association of Corporate Counsel Annual Meeting, Oct. 28-31.

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Language-Based Analytics is RenewData's patented approach to narrow down any size of document collection to quickly and cost effectively identify potentially relevant information in the early phases of eDiscovery. With the precision and transparency of Language-Based Analytics, case teams are able to quickly and cost-effectively analyze a document collection, understand what each document is about, and make important decisions based on this understanding. Learn more at

About RenewData

RenewData Corporation is a legal consulting and technology company with solutions that address the full spectrum of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM). The company has a particular focus on review acceleration and its proprietary Language-Based Analytics (LBA) and will guarantee results. RenewData's goal is to help corporations and law firms mine their unstructured data to significantly reduce the time, cost and risk associated with litigation and investigations. For more information, visit, or call 888.811.3789.

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