OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Oct. 28, 2014) - In anticipation of the start of Financial Literacy Month, the Canadian Bankers Association (CBA) today launched a new financial literacy seminar program for Canadian seniors - Your Money Seniors, in collaboration with the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC).

The seminars will be presented by bankers in the community volunteering their time and expertise. Modelled on the CBA's highly successful Your Money Students program, this new seminar program will be offered in French and English, free of charge, to seniors' groups across the country. Seniors' groups can request any or all of the three seminar modules:

  • Financial Abuse - Protecting your money and yourself
  • Financial Fraud - Know the signs, empower yourself
  • Cash Management - Making the most of your retirement

"Many seniors are contemplating important questions: How can they ensure that their money will last through retirement? How should they manage their financial affairs if their physical or cognitive capacity is diminished? What scams should they be aware of?" said Terry Campbell, President of the Canadian Bankers Association. "Bankers have a lot of experience working with customers and the Your Money Seniors seminars can help seniors answer some of these questions."

Your Money Seniors launch

A news conference to launch the Your Money Seniors program and Financial Literacy Month was held today at the Good Companions Seniors' Centre in Ottawa, which provides social, health recreational, educational and volunteer activities to Ottawa seniors.

"The Good Companions Seniors' Centre is a charitable organization that offers programs and services for both seniors and adults with physical disabilities in Ottawa. In 2015, The Good Companions will celebrate their 60th Anniversary. We wish to congratulate the Canadian Bankers Association for their investment in promotion of financial literacy for seniors in Canada through the Your Money Seniors program. This education is paramount to assist our seniors to make informed decisions on how to protect themselves against financial crime and promote fraud awareness. This is exactly the support seniors are requesting to reduce their vulnerability against financial crime."

-- Ann McSweeney, Executive Director, The Good Companions Seniors' Centre

Also participating in the launch today were Minister of State (Finance) Kevin Sorenson, Canada's Financial Literacy Leader Jane Rooney, and FCAC Deputy Commissioner Brigitte Goulard.

"The Harper Government is committed to ensuring that seniors have the skills they need to make solid financial choices. Seniors today face an increasingly complex financial marketplace, and it will take the combined efforts of public and private sector organizations to help seniors navigate the many financial choices they face. The start of Financial Literacy Month is an excellent opportunity to thank the Canadian Bankers Association and encourage other private sector organizations to take an active role in providing financial literacy support to Canada's seniors."

-- Kevin Sorenson, Minister of State (Finance)

"The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada is pleased to collaborate with the Canadian Bankers Association on the 'Your Money Seniors' program. Collaboration is at the heart of our efforts to help strengthen the financial literacy of Canadian seniors and develop a national strategy for financial literacy that includes all Canadians. The start of Financial Literacy Month is an excellent opportunity to thank the CBA and encourage other private sector organizations to take an active role in supporting the financial knowledge, skills and confidence of Canada's seniors."

-- Lucie Tedesco, Commissioner, Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

Financial Literacy Month (FLM) events

As a part of Financial Literacy Month, Your Money Seniors seminars will be taking place in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax, and media are invited to attend.

Canadians can find out about financial literacy activities during Financial Literacy Month (FLM) by visiting the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada's calendar of events for November. Canadians can also follow the #FLM2014 hashtag on Twitter for tips, resources, news and event notices and participate to the FLM selfie contest via FCAC's website at

For more information on the Your Money Seniors program or to book a seminar please visit

B Roll Footage Available

B-roll footage of the news conference and a Your Money Seniors seminar is available by contacting the CBA and will also be available via satellite on Tuesday, October 28 from 4:00 to 4:15 Eastern time:

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