Kili Technology Unveils First mPOS Solution-on-a-Chip

Highly Integrated, Secure Processors With Certifiable Firmware to Drive Down Cost, Footprint of Mobile Payment Processing Devices

SAN CARLOS, Calif., Oct. 28, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kili Technology Corporation, a rapidly growing developer of secure, low-cost payment processing solutions, announced today the industry's most highly integrated line of secure Solution-on-a-Chip (SoC) processors for payment processing applications. Offering more functionality than any other controllers for payment processing on the market today, this new line of processors and supporting firmware allow designers to quickly bring to market certifiable mobile Point-of-Sale (mPOS) terminals that support all modes of payment including magnetic stripe, EMV contact (as used in smart cards) and EMV contactless (via Near Field Communications (NFC)) with the highest levels of security in the industry.

A diagram of Kili's secure processor for mPOS terminals:

Kili's announcement comes as the payment processing industry enters a major transition with merchants worldwide replacing legacy POS terminals with innovative, lower cost, EMV mPOS solutions. "Developers need pre-certified, comprehensive mPOS solutions that will help them rapidly bring to market products that offer high levels of security at low cost and in a compact footprint," said Elie Massabki, EVP of Sales and Marketing at Kili. "By delivering the industry's first true mPOS solution-on-a-chip, Kili's processors offer payment processing developers the major building blocks they need to jump ahead of the competition."

More Integration, Simpler Designs

The flagship of Kili's new product line is the K409B secure processor. Offering the highest level of integration for mPOS applications, the K409B features a unique dual CPU architecture, an integrated NFC transceiver and controller and an integrated secure capacitive touch controller designed to meet PCI PTS 4.0 standards. The on-chip capacitive touch Analog Front-end (AFE) and controller not only supports the use of capacitive touch pads or touch panels such as a tablet, it also dramatically reduces the complexity and cost of a design by eliminating numerous external components required for a discrete touch pad or panel solution. Low profile Embedded Wafer-level BGA packaging helps further minimize the footprint and cost of mPOS solutions.

To maximize security, the K409B SoC adds a variety of advanced features including sudden destruction interface, security mesh, secure e-fuse memory and other security features. The processor's unique FIPS-inspired dual-processor architecture allows developers to isolate encryption functions and keys from the outside world on one 32-bit RISC CPU, while driving peripherals and running applications on a second CPU.

Focus on cost

For lower cost mPOS terminals equipped with mechanical keypads and a variety of EMV and NFC POS readers, Kili's K400B processor offers all the same features of the K409B without an integrated capacitive touch controller. The K400B is mounted in a 144-lead BGA package.

A second configuration of the K400B processor, the K400Q, is targeted at personal payment devices that don't require PCI certification as well as applications for access control, Internet of Things (IoT) and authentication. This processor comes in a 56-pin QFN package.

Accelerating Time-to-Market

To help developers rapidly build end-to-end payment processing solutions, Kili Technology is offering extensive add-on solutions for its new processor family. As part of that effort, Kili offers a series of firmware modules that allow OEMs, ODMs and other hardware suppliers meet the certification standards for payment and authentication applications. Various Kili payment modules are available to allow developers to achieve EMV L1 and EMV L2 certification for both contact and contactless payment terminals. A Security Crypto Calculator module provides all the encryption algorithms required to enable PCI PTS 4.0 system certification and end-to-end encryption of a payment transaction.

To accelerate time-to-market, Kili is also offering a complete certifiable reference design including all schematics, Gerber files, drivers, APIs, security and other firmware as well as documentation needed to facilitate PCI PTS system certification. Kili also develops certifiable customized hardware payment modules to meet unique system requirements including different form factors, features and antenna sizes.

Kili Technology will display its complete technology solutions for payment processing, including cost effective, low power payment terminals for mobile POS applications, at booth 4 G014 in the Cartes 2014 Paris conference on November 4-6, 2014. Kili Technology will also demonstrate its products in payment devices at Money 2020 in Las Vegas on November 3-5 in Dream Payments' suite Starvine 13.


The K409B and K400Q SoCs are sampling now and will be in production in Q1 2015. The K400B SoC will start sampling in December 2014 and will be in production in Q2 2015.  Evaluation boards and software developer kits (SDK) are available today.

About Kili Technology

Kili Technology Corporation develops cost effective, secure and certifiable solutions for payment processing based on its patented technology implemented in system-on-chip (SoC) ICs, firmware, reference designs, IP and hardware modules. This advanced technology, along with Kili's extensive experience in end applications, enables customers to get to market quickly with the lowest cost mobile and countertop solutions.

Kili is a divestiture of SecureKey, a leading identity and authentication provider, which initially developed Kili's core technology over the last five years. Kili Technology maintains offices in Toronto, Canada and San Carlos, California. For more information, visit the company's web site at




A block diagram of Kili's secure processor for mPOS terminals

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