EnergyCAP Rolls Out New Bill CAPture Service

Service Removes Bill Entry Burden

State College, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES

STATE COLLEGE, Pa., Oct. 28, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- This month EnergyCAP is rolling out a new utility bill processing service for existing clients. The Bill CAPture service enables organizations to entirely outsource the labor-intensive data entry portion of their utility bill pay processes regardless of the file formats.

Bill CAPture is intended to free up time for clients burdened by repetitive bill entry tasks. EnergyCAP CEO Steve Heinz explained the service this way:

"Our company focus is on developing energy management software and we want our clients to be able to focus on using energy management software. Bill CAPture will enable our clients to concentrate their efforts on energy analysis, without the burden of repetitive bill entry tasks. This service will complement our software development so we can offer a more comprehensive and scalable solution."

Bill CAPture will use cutting edge technologies for harvesting utility bill data from a variety of sources including scanned images (via FTP Transfer or Website Download), EDI 810 Files, other flat file formats (XLS, CSV, TXT, etc.), and even paper bills (processed via OCR), which can be mailed directly to EnergyCAP for assimilation into the user's EnergyCAP database or an import file for delivery to self-hosted clients.

The Bill CAPture process with EnergyCAP facilitates advanced energy management by removing the drudgery of bill entry for clients, enabling them to focus on advanced analytics. Time saved can be devoted to leveraging EnergyCAP's software capabilities including measurement and verification, cost avoidance calculations, calendarization and weather normalization, accounts payable integration, campus chargebacks, bill splits and re-billings, greenhouse gas reporting, and more.

The Bill CAPture program has dedicated staffing. Pricing is based on several factors including quantity of bills processed, data formats, and sources.

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