AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - Oct 29, 2014) - Physicians searching for new and emerging treatment options for patients with a chronic disease now have an innovative, easy-to-use platform and service. ePatientFinder is the first technology solution that helps physicians learn about clinical trial opportunities for their patients and easily identify patients who may benefit from taking part in a clinical trial.

ePatientFinder is available at no cost to physicians and health organizations. ePatientFinder integrates with any electronic health record (EHR) solution and creates no disruption to clinical workflows. It represents the first and only platform that connects life-changing clinical trial opportunities to patients through their own physician, tapping into clinical research's largest network of referring clinics, hospitals, ACOs and community health centers.

According to, there are over 17,000 clinical studies actively enrolling in the United States, making it virtually impossible for today's over-burdened physicians to track all options that might apply to their patients. With ePatientFinder, physicians are notified when new clinical trials relevant to existing patients become available in their area.

"Physicians today are overworked and underpaid," said Tom C. Dorsett, President and CEO of ePatientFinder. "This severely taxes their ability to achieve the high levels of care they want to deliver, particularly when it comes to tracking new treatments. With ePatientFinder, physicians can review options and counsel patients on the best treatment for their specific needs and conditions."

"My patients are calling me, thanking me for being so proactive about their care," said Steven Seligman, MD, Omega OBGYN. "Every time ePatientFinder notifies me of a new treatment, I'm excited to click the 'learn more' button."

ePatientFinder is a revolutionary way for physicians to connect their patients to life-changing treatment opportunities -- and increase revenue. Physicians are notified when a new treatment that may be relevant to their patient population becomes available in their area. If they choose to refer patients, the platform uses sophisticated algorithms to identify potential participants. Powerful analytics technology and an innovative three-tier filtering process allows physicians to quickly and easily identify which patients could benefit from the trials.

"ePatientFinder puts decisions about treatment options into the hands of physicians, not mass media or internet ads. Studies show that patients want to learn about advanced treatment opportunities from their own physician," Dorsett said. "Additionally, our platform increases patient satisfaction while offering physicians the opportunity to generate additional revenues by conducting consultations with their patients."

ePatientFinder has already partnered with numerous top-tier EHR vendors to make the platform available to hundreds of thousands of providers nationwide.

Benefits of ePatientFinder extend to trial sponsors and CROs include accelerated recruitment timelines, the ability to refine protocol variables and identify high-performing sites. For under-performing sites, ePatientFinder can maximize enrollment.

About ePatientFinder
ePatientFinder is the only platform that empowers physicians to connect their patients to life-changing clinical trial opportunities. Physicians are notified when a new trial becomes available in their area; the platform uses sophisticated algorithms and an innovative three-tier filtering process to help physicians identify potential participants. ePatientFinder is the first community of physicians dedicated to providing patients with access to advanced treatments that are only available through clinical trials. The platform benefits trial sponsors by detecting qualified clinical trial participants and facilitating their enrollment.

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