RENO, NV--(Marketwired - October 29, 2014) - Kirkman® will soon debut an improved and expanded line of nutraceuticals, "60 to 90 -- Senior Essentials," to help older adults stay healthy in their senior years.

"This is the first nutritional supplement line specifically formulated for the health concerns of individuals between 60 and 90 years of age," David Humphrey, President and CEO of Kirkman® said. "It was designed to address common health concerns that are unique to aging," Humphrey explained.

The Nevada based company will introduce the line at the 22nd Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine to be held Dec. 11-13, in Las Vegas, Nev.

Unique products in Kirkman's 60 to 90 Senior Essentials line include:

  • Men's Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Boost -- a powerful multi-vitamin for men with special ingredients for prostate protection;
  • Women's Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Boost -- a multi-vitamin that contains restorative vitamins and minerals and ingredients for urinary tract health;
  • Bone Protect -- a blend of ingredients to support strong bones and teeth;
  • Super CoQ10 -- offering ubiquinol, the most easily absorbed form of coenzyme Q10;
  • Memory Boost -- providing phosphatidylserine, an ingredient that researchers say shows the most promise for improving cognitive function and memory;
  • NK Killer Cell Protect -- a special blend of ingredients that increases NK killer cell activity to reduce free radical activity and potential cell damage from oxidative stress;
  • Heart Support Omega 3's -- a special blend of omegas to support heart health;
  • Advanced Eye Care Support -- a powerful blend of ingredients to support eye-health and vision; and
  • 4000 IU Vitamin D -- provided in extra-strength at safe levels according to the Institute of Medicine for seniors.

Another unique feature of Kirkman's Senior Essential nutritional supplement line is the company's "Ultra Tested®" certification for purity, which ensures that every raw ingredient has been tested for more than 950 environmental contaminants, including heavy metals, common allergens, pesticides, fungicides, endocrine disruptors and harmful chemicals.

More details about Kirkman's Senior Essentials line of supplements can be found on Kirkman's website,

About Kirkman®

Kirkman® is the leading manufacturer of nutritional supplements for individuals with special sensitivities and dietary requirements. Founded in 1949, Kirkman® is also the oldest nutritional supplement company serving the special needs community. This experience has allowed Kirkman® to pioneer effective products in many areas of nutritional supplementation for individuals with special health needs. Kirkman® distinguishes itself from other nutraceutical companies with its Ultra Tested® protocol for purity testing, which calls for testing every raw ingredient in every product it manufactures for more than 950 environmental contaminants. To learn more about Kirkman®, visit the company website at

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