EMSDETTEN, GERMANY--(Marketwired - Oct 29, 2014) - Energy supply bottlenecks on board are a thing of the past. The new WAECO SinePower MSI sine wave inverters take care of that. They provide a pure 230-volt voltage, just like the wall socket at home. This type of voltage is suitable even for highly sensitive electrical devices such as computers, pad coffee makers, electrical toothbrushes and the likes. The outstanding quality feature of the new inverter generation is the high peak power rating up to an amazing 6000 watts. The units have enough power to cope with high start-up currents with perfect ease. Installation is child's play. Other plus factors are their super-compact dimensions, their shapely design and light weight. SinePower inverters can easily accommodated on board, even in cramped spaces.

The sine wave inverters from electronics specialist WAECO turn 12- or 24-volt battery voltage into pure 230 volts to ensure hassle-free mobile operation of all kinds of electrical devices -- in any place of the world. Their energy efficiency of 92% is outstanding. The largest model also excels with its extremely low current consumption in idle mode, which is no larger than 0.4 amps. What is more, the new inverters are reliable under all conditions, in temperatures from -20 to 50°C.

Models available range from an inexpensive basic unit featuring a nominal output of 900 watts and an impressive peak power rating of 1900 watts right the way through to two high-performance inverters with 2300 or 3500 watts nominal output and 4000 or 6000 watts peak. The entry-level model comes without mains priority circuit. The two high-performance members of the new MSI family offer the extra benefit of a CAN bus interface. "This feature opens up further technical possibilities," explains Patrick Gerwers, Product Manager Car and Electronic Accessories. "For example, up to three inverters can be switched in parallel to triple the output rating."

The mains priority circuit automatically changes to 230-volt-power supply as soon as it is available. It is included as standard in all WAECO SinePower models with a nominal output of 1800 watts and beyond. The 1800-watt model is also available in a basic version lacking this feature. Additionally, all inverter models can be supplied with user configurable remote control units.

For trucks with only one "modest" 230-volt gadget on board -- a TV set or mobile phone charger, for instance -- the WAECO experts recommend using one of the new entry-level models, WAECO SinePower MSI 212/214 or MSI 412/414. These inexpensive units provide 150 or 350 watts power on a permanent basis to suit the respective battery voltage of 12 or 24 volts, plus a USB interface and an attractive, slimline design.

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