DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - Oct 29, 2014) - HousingWire announced today that the company will soon launch an innovative new digital advertising platform, called HW APEX™. The new platform changes how B2B advertisers reach their audience by leveraging HousingWire's proprietary first party audience data to build campaigns that span the entire Internet -- in real time.

"It's time B2B advertising in mortgages and real estate entered the digital age with dynamic audience profiles, retargeting, pretargeting and a wide range of custom options," said Paul Jackson, CEO and Publisher at HousingWire.

"With HW APEX™, it's no longer about HousingWire's audience versus another media outlet's audience. Instead, it's about what we can do with our audience data to drive effective display advertising, anywhere on the Internet. It's a true paradigm shift relative to trade advertising."

Utilizing more than 15 different data and inventory partners, HW APEX™ offers unmatched segmentation and reach for advertisers looking to reach key audiences within the U.S. housing economy: from senior banking executives to loan officers, appraisers to real estate professionals.

The platform will launch November 3 with two services: HW APEX™ Retargeting, which allows advertisers to retarget at scale all readers seeing an advertisement on HousingWire.com; and HW APEX™ Audience Expansion, which allows advertisers to build dynamic audience profiles and then target "look-alikes" across the HW APEX™ network whether or not they've ever actually visited HousingWire.

"The truly amazing part about what we're doing with HW APEX™ is the fact that it dramatically increases reach, helps advertisers target key segments in real time -- all while driving down costs all at the same time," said Richard Bitner, President at HousingWire. "In fact, costs can often be fifty to ninety percent less than the cost of a traditional trade ad placement."

HW APEX™ operates as a managed service, where an ad campaign's reach and performance is optimized continuously throughout the campaign's duration to ensure the best possible click-through rates and conversion for an advertiser -- offering the first true end-to-end solution for digital advertising for companies in the mortgage and real estate industries.

The HW APEX™ Retargeting service will be automatically included in all 2015 HousingWire digital advertising placements -- giving HousingWire advertisers the ability to see first-hand the power of the HW APEX™ platform with every advertisement they buy.

To learn more about HW APEX™, please visit: http://pages.housingwire.com/hwapex

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