COLUMBUS, OH--(Marketwired - Oct 30, 2014) - Nationwide Energy Partners plans to nearly double the size of its staff in 2015, continuing on a path of growth that saw the company expand its workforce 25 percent in 2014. Nationwide Energy Partners' staff additions support Ohio's efforts to create new energy service jobs as well as energy production jobs.

"What you are seeing is an exciting diversification in the type of energy jobs being created in Ohio," says Nationwide Energy Partners President, Mike Palackdharry. "As we grow our business and hire experts to support our new products and service offerings, we are creating jobs for talented professionals who will drive innovation on the service and data side of the energy industry. This will provide balance with jobs that are already being created on the production side."

Already a valuable energy advisor to owners, managers and residents of multifamily buildings, Nationwide Energy Partners is building staff expertise to move into new markets, to accentuate renewable energy and to leverage its unmatched store of energy data for multifamily buildings.

Nationwide Energy Partners has already expanded its Columbus, Ohio headquartered service into nearby Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee and New York and plans to expand its footprint even further next year.

Kit Hagen, vice president of marketing and strategy, says the key growth factor for Nationwide Energy Partners is the breadth and depth of its experience -- particularly with its extensive capabilities in submetering and analysis of multifamily buildings. "This has provided a data-rich reservoir of efficiency strategies," Hagen says.

"It works two ways," Hagen says. "At the everyday level, we help greatly improve the operational efficiencies of multifamily communities. We can spot water leaks or always-running toilets with remote analysis of usage patterns. We can look at why one elevator cost twice as much to run as another, or why the fountain out front consumes half of all the community's common area electricity. We can even do comparisons of individual units and show the difference in energy usage between a third floor interior unit and a first floor corner unit."

At a more strategic level, Nationwide Energy Partners is leveraging innovative conclusions from the data and recommending energy infrastructure designs to help developers build even greener buildings in the future.

"Our deep and detailed experience with multifamily customers has led to new opportunities, such as strategic consulting on multifamily energy construction and rapid analysis of both unit energy costs and common area usage after the buildings are up and running," Hagen says. "We are the only organization with a dedicated common area usage (CAU) team to minimize the cost of these spaces."

Recently, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority invited Nationwide Energy Partners to join major utilities and energy technology providers to explore more comprehensive submetering schemes to increase water and energy efficiencies in commercial buildings. And Harris Computer Systems asked Nationwide Energy Partners to host a summit of Ohio municipal utilities exploring new customer billing statements.

"Our entire range of relationships -- with building owners and managers, residents, technology providers, energy policy makers and other utilities -- is coming into play," Palackdharry said. "We are spurring discussion and insight that leads to innovation, efficiency and cost-saving solutions. That level of synergy -- relationships, technology and data-rich innovation -- has given us a strong platform for growth."

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Nationwide Energy Partners provides integrated energy services for 30,000 residents of multifamily units, as well as their property managers and developers of residential communities in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Tennessee and Kentucky. Nationwide Energy Partners offers installation of energy services, submetering, meter reading, billing, collections and customer service to meet the needs of our residential and commercial customers.

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