BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Oct 30, 2014) - Manufacturers that target their retail shoppers through OwnerIQ's Retailer Targeted Marketing product have been measuring their digital advertising's impact on retail shopping activity at the brand level through OwnerIQ's Purchase Intent Impact Report. With this latest release of the Purchase Intent Impact Report, manufacturers will also be able to measure retail impact against the specific product(s) featured in their creative, or a specific promotional page on their retailer's site.

Manufacturers are targeting in-market retail shoppers with digital advertising through OwnerIQ's 1st party retail data and programmatic OPTMS technology. Because OwnerIQ has direct relationships with premium retailers, it can catalogue daily retail shopping activity at the brand, product and URL levels. This enables the Purchase Intent Impact Report to use a control vs. exposed methodology to demonstrate advertising's direct impact on shopping activity within a retail audience in the OwnerIQ portfolio.

"Manufacturers with retail-specific marketing objectives are challenged with a lack of visibility into how their advertising efforts directly impact retail shoppers, because the shopping activity occurs on their retailer's site," said OwnerIQ Director of Retailer Targeted Marketing Michele Szabocsik. "The Purchase Intent Impact Report removes that blind spot for the manufacturer because it can directly attribute lifts in shopping activity to ad exposure."

The enhanced Purchase Intent Impact Report enables manufacturers to connect measurement back to their campaign's retail objective. For example, if a car seat manufacturer is running a Retailer Targeted Marketing campaign to support a new product launch at one of its key baby-gear retailers, this report will demonstrate how much more likely an exposed shopper is to browse that specific car-seat product on the baby retailer's site than is an unexposed shopper.

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OwnerIQ is pioneering the concept of Path to Purchase Media. By transforming retailers' and manufacturers' 1st party data into digital advertising opportunities, OwnerIQ generates more revenue for our advertisers and partners. Our Path to Purchase Targeting solution is the most effective approach to scaling advertisers' programmatic buys and is a proven method for driving new online customers. In addition, our Retailer Targeted Marketing and Vendor Targeted Marketing products are the next generation of retailer / manufacturer monetization, digital shopper marketing and co-operative advertising.

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