BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Oct 30, 2014) - MachineShop, the Internet of Services company, today announced that its Connected Services Platform supports the Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol 3.1.1 recently ratified by OASIS (the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards).

Following an announcement earlier this month introducing the addition of nearly 100 new APIs and improvements in the scalability and speed of data ingestion, support for the MQTT protocol further enhances the ability of the MachineShop Connected Services Platform to connect to disparate data sources, including intelligent devices and sensors, and integrate their data into enterprise IT more efficiently. Additionally, MachineShop supports combining devices that report using MQTT along with other proprietary protocols and expose the information in a normalized way. Most other systems that support MQTT do not have this capability.

MQTT is a machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity protocol standardized by OASIS to overcome the challenges of connecting the rapidly expanding physical world of sensors, actuators, phones, and tablets with enterprise software. An extremely lightweight publish/subscribe messaging transport, MQTT is most suitable for communication in M2M and IoT contexts where a small code footprint is required or network bandwidth is at a premium.

"Adoption of MQTT has the potential to bring online billions of low-cost, embedded data-collecting devices that deliver actionable information to the enterprise," said Greg Jones, CTO, MachineShop. "Our support of the MQTT protocol illustrates our commitment to helping shape the future of technology surrounding the huge opportunity of IoT and assures our customers that they can interface with the greatest number of connected devices, embedded systems and other critical sources of data in the most efficient way possible."

MachineShop is the first company in the world to build an IoT-centric middleware offering that provides an API for every service available in its system, making the company uniquely capable of exposing every Internet-enabled thing, system, device, network, application, event and business process as a service. This 'Services as a Platform' approach allows developers to create connected and integrated business solutions from any combination of devices and systems by combining basic data extraction and normalization services with network management, business rules, alerting, services and more, all expressed as APIs in one common framework.

About MachineShop:
MachineShop provides the on-ramp to the Internet of Services where trillions of transactions will occur between billions of physical things and their interactions with other systems, applications and people. MachineShop's public or private Services Exchange allow customers to subscribe to thousands of unique, managed API-centric services regardless of whether they are developed by MachineShop, its customers or other third parties. For more information, visit or @MachineShopIO

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