PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwired - November 02, 2014) - To recognize World Vitamin D Day, Sunday, Nov. 2, and raise awareness about the importance of Vitamin D, Kirkman® nutraceutical company is distributing Purity Laboratories, Inc's easy-to-use Vitamin D Blood Spot Testing Kits at 25% off Tuesday, Nov. 4 through Thursday, Nov. 6. 

Vitamin D Day is a day, which recognizes vitamin D deficiency as a world problem. Researchers claim that at least one-third of the world is deficient in vitamin D. Furthermore, vitamin D deficiency has been recognized as a risk factor for many diseases, including heart disease and cancer. One of the scariest components of vitamin D deficiency is that many people who are deficient are not even aware of it.

Purity's new laboratory test offers consumers and professionals an easy, accurate and economical way to test for a person's vitamin D status.

The dry blood spot vitamin D test can be ordered online and used from home. The patient will prick his or her finger and transfer blood from the finger onto a testing strip. The strip will then be sent back to Purity where it will be analyzed for the patient's vitamin D status. The test will assess both vitamin D-2 and vitamin D-3 levels, the two most important types of vitamin D in humans. This is a convenient option for patients who are unable to receive testing in the traditional doctor's office setting; including children, the elderly and those who are homebound. 

The kit contains all of the tools necessary to perform the test including instructions, two lancets, a spot saver card, an alcohol prep pad, a surgical sponge and a latex-free bandage. A requisition form and prepaid return envelope are also included. When the test is complete, it is placed into the prepaid envelope along with the test requisition form and mailed back to Purity. Results are then sent directly to whoever ordered the test within 5 to 10 business days.

Checking your vitamin D level is crucial during the winter months because many people's vitamin D intake decreases from lack of sunshine during the cooler part of the year when the days are shorter. The Vitamin D Council reported a study from The Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences, which found that both vitamin D insufficiency and seasonal decline of vitamin D levels are correlated with lower scores related to cognitive performance.

Purity has made it easy for you to test your Vitamin D levels, which is important considering the ever-growing research that confirms the many benefits of vitamin D for immune health, heart health and more. Take the opportunity to stay healthy during the upcoming winter months and check your Vitamin D level.

Learn more about the importance of testing for Vitamin D levels. Order Purity's Vitamin D Blood Spot Test by purchasing online or calling 1-800-245-8282 (or 530-694-1600 for international callers). Receive the 25% discount by using the code CSP92. The 25% off code is only valid 11/04/2014 - 11/06/2014 and expires at 11:59 p.m.

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