CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - Nov 4, 2014) - From the makers of Fitbug, pioneers of digital health and wellbeing, comes KiQplan, the "next step" in the wearable tech revolution. Designed to work with most leading activity trackers, smartphones or watch, KiQplan takes the "so what" out of activity tracking by helping people at all levels use this data in actionable, user-friendly ways.

KiQplan leverages 10 years of experience monitoring and motivating people on their self-improvement journeys. Delivered as a sophisticated interactive coach, KiQplan uses and adapts to data from wearable technology to provide tailored exercise, nutrition and wellness advice over a 12 week period that helps users achieve very specific health, fitness and wellness goals.

Launching in Target nationwide, inaugural KiQplans will include specific weight loss programs for men and women called Beer Belly Blaster and Slim + Trim as well as a pre-natal regimen called Healthy Baby Bump1 and a post-natal plan called Goodbye Baby Bump . Priced at $19.99, KiQplans are currently available at and in Target stores from November 9, 2014. 

KiQplans work with any iOS and Android mobile device to provide highly personalized experiences. Activity targets, types and reps of various exercises, meal plans and advice all adapt to the individual user. They integrate with most leading activity trackers (including Fitbug, and third party trackers such as Jawbone, Nike Fuel, Misfit and Withings), as well as smartphones and watches. Progress is also monitored through lifestyle reports inputted by the user and data from other apps such as MyFitnessPal and RunKeeper. While the suggested exercise routines, activity and nutrition targets, motivational tips and content all vary for each specific program, each KiQplan features:

  • Personal activity, nutrition and sleep targets, set weekly based on the chosen plan and adapted to their own rate of progress.
  • Weekly personalized work outs featuring "how-to" video instruction to ensure exercises are completed with accurate form to maximize results.
  • Dynamic activity and nutrition tracking with users able to import data from other apps or devices or log their own behavior.
  • Lifestyle tracking (e.g. sleep quality, weight, alcohol consumption, cigarettes smoked, etc).
  • Weekly articles and recipes focused on the required outcome.
  • Rewards and badges for added encouragement.
  • Daily plan based tips. 
  • Feedback and reminders via in-app messaging and push notifications.
  • Webinars on a range of outcome related topics, with Q&As with experts.

"Early reaction to KiQplans from retailers, consumers and the healthcare community has been overwhelming and we are delighted to be launching them nationally with Target," said Paul Landau, CEO of Fitbug. "KiQplans are designed to take the 'so what?' out of activity tracking to provide structured action plans for people to use activity data to get fitter, lighter and lead happier, healthier lives. By combining the DEVICE and ADVICE, the full health benefits of wearable tech can be brought to consumers and KiQplan will be with them every step of the way."

By taking an open approach and allowing KiQplans to integrate with most leading trackers and not just the company's own products, KiQplan is expanding the digital health revolution to as many people as possible. It is allowing retailers to provide added value to all wearable sales by offering accessories that enhance the hardware purchase. 

Focused on measurable outcomes, KiQplan is like having a trainer, nutritionist and lifestyle guru all rolled into one. Created by leading experts in their respective fields, KiQplan looks out for users, providing personal targets, feedback and advice, plus the encouragement to achieve their goals.

Expert teams including dietetics, sports science, and motivational psychology have been assembled to create each KiQplan, and each program has been independently validated by a leading department of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences at one of Europe's leading scientific institutions.

Further KiQplans will be rolled out in 2015 featuring topics such as Pregnancy (Trimester 3), Beginners running plans and curriculums designed to manage certain health conditions. 

See images of KiQplan in action here and take the first step to a healthy life by checking out the plans at 

1 Suitable for expectant mothers in Trimester 1 and 2 of pregnancy

About KiQplan  
KiQplan is the latest innovation by Fitbug, a leading provider of online health and well-being services since 2005. Its patent pending model has been built on Fitbug's 10 years of experience providing a range of activity based devices and services and insights from hundreds of thousands of individual users. 

Originally founded in the UK, with offices in London and Chicago, KiQplan adds to the Fitbug portfolio which includes the Fitbug Orb ($49.95) and Fitbug Wow scales ($69.99). 

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