AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - Nov 5, 2014) - Dell World -- Pertino, a company reinventing networking for the mobile and cloud era, today announced an alliance with Dell to integrate and resell its Cloud Network Engine service within the Dell Cloud Marketplace beginning next year. The Dell Cloud Marketplace is a vendor-agnostic, self-service portal that provides developers with the agility and functionality they expect from the cloud while allowing IT managers comprehensive security, visibility and control of the cloud services consumed by the IT organization. Pertino extends this capability by enabling customers to instantly build Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networks that seamlessly connect instances and containers across any cloud, anywhere.

"By teaming with Pertino for the Dell Cloud Marketplace, Dell can help developers and IT managers simply and securely connect compute instances and containerized applications across any cloud, enabling them to reap the benefits of multi and hybrid cloud computing," said James Thomason, Dell Cloud Marketplace CTO, Dell. "With Pertino, we can now add 'connect' to the compare, consume and control capabilities that the Dell Cloud Marketplace offers customers."

Pertino for Dell Cloud Marketplace
Under terms of the agreement, Dell will offer the Pertino Cloud Network Engine service through the Dell Cloud Marketplace, leveraging a set of API integrations. Customers will be able to subscribe and provision Pertino cloud networks directly through the Dell Cloud Marketplace. Once subscribed, customers can use Pertino to build VPCs where and when they need them, as well as add or move instances and containers across VPCs. No network hardware or expertise is required. If secure connections are needed for remote users, servers or private clouds, customers can easily access the Pertino CloudScape console to setup a cloud VPN -- effectively creating a LAN experience across the Internet. The Pertino solution will be available in the Dell Cloud Marketplace next year.

"The combination of Dell Cloud Marketplace and Pertino solves the multi-cloud VPC conundrum and provides a one-stop solution for deploying and managing cloud services across any provider, anywhere," said Craig Elliott, Pertino co-founder and CEO. "We are excited to be collaborating with Dell and to have the Dell Cloud Marketplace be one of the first cloud marketplaces deployed under our BlueSky partner program."

Pertino's Cloud Network Engine
The Pertino Cloud Network Engine is a network-as-a-service platform that lets any size business build and manage cloud networks -- private networks that overlay the Internet using public clouds as hubs. It's powered by software-defined networking, virtualization and big data technologies, making it agile and extensible yet simple to use and ultra-reliable. AppScape, the platform's network services app store, extends enterprise-level visibility, security and control to cloud networks without the cost, complexity and hardware of traditional technologies. More than 12,000 organizations -- including IT consultant firms, software development companies and managed service providers -- have used Pertino's Cloud Network Engine service to build cloud networks, connecting devices and cloud instances in more than 70 countries around the world.

About Pertino
Pertino is a modern way to network designed for the mobile and cloud era -- simple, secure and delivered as a service. Mobile and cloud technologies are transforming IT, resulting in a hybrid IT model where mobile workforces and cloud applications and workloads are reliant on public Internet connectivity. Our Cloud Network Engine enables any size business to build and manage a private cloud network that overlays the public Internet, securely connecting people, devices and resources anywhere. With AppScape, our network services app store, Pertino cloud networks can be extended with enterprise-level visibility, security and control services. This modern approach to networking combines the power and pervasiveness of the cloud with SDN and virtualization technologies, eliminating the cost and complexity of traditional hardware-based networks. Finally, a wide-area network that is cloud-agile and works the way businesses work today, without hardware, hassles, or high costs. Founded in 2011, Pertino is venture funded by premier firms and headquartered in Los Gatos, Calif. For more information or to try Pertino free for yourself, please visit

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