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Green PolkaDot Box Announces Launch of "Health Merchant" Program

MOUNT PLEASANT, Utah, Nov. 10, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Green PolkaDot Box Incorporated (OTC:GPDB) "GPDB" or "Company" announced today that it intends to launch its Health Merchant program on December 1st, 2014.

After years of development and millions of dollars expended by Green PolkaDot Box…independent health professionals and entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to own a self-branded, replication of its website.

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Health Merchant Plan

The GPDB Health Merchant Program is intended for health care practitioners, including doctors who have medical practices oriented to prevention of disease, nutritionists, chiropractors, and homeopaths that each have thousands of patients who want to eat healthy, save money and enjoy the convenience of home delivery. Other potential Health Merchants will include entrepreneurs who are interested in capitalizing on the expanding marketplace for organic and non-GMO foods, along with health store owners who don't have an online presence, gym owners, personal fitness trainers, health coaches, pharmacists and many others.

"We are in the business of selling CLEAN food at the lowest possible prices in America," says GPDB CEO, Rod Smith. "By CLEAN foods I mean foods without herbicides, pesticides, chemicals, synthetics and genetically modified organisms (GMO). We can rapidly expand our ability to sell CLEAN foods by engaging tens of thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of independent professionals and business owners to become Health Merchants to reach consumers in their spheres of influence."

For a price ranging from $300 to $1,995, plus a $100 monthly service fee, Health Merchants get an online health and wellness store that offers almost all the nation's most popular clean food products at the lowest prices—guaranteed. "Our low prices are a key to generating repeat business and customer loyalty," explains Smith.   "We will always maintain a great product selection and the lowest price guarantee for our Health Merchants."

GPDB takes care of ALL the logistics for Health Merchants: product acquisition, inventory storage, distribution facilities, website hosting and maintenance, liability insurance, online order processing, merchant account services, pic n' pak operations, shipping & handling and "legendary" customer service.

During its young operating history GPDB has been very effective in its marketing and sales efforts to attract over 25,000 members. Now it plans to empower Health Merchants across the Nation to do the same by providing all the marketing and public relations expertise they need. 

Smith elaborates: "We will create compelling offers to convert shoppers when they visit the Health Merchant's store for the first time. But that's not all.  We provide our Health Merchants with access to a collection of compelling electronic and ready-for-print graphics and media, including a constantly updated library of video vignettes on the most pressing health issues of the day, as well as unique brands and products. This Media Kit provides them with proven marketing tools that we have used successfully at Green PolkaDot Box. They can use these digital assets to create their own email campaigns to educate and inform everyone within their influence and lead them to their storefront that way."

Green PolkaDot Box also negotiates special discounts with vendors, then spend tens of thousands of dollars to create compelling graphics and messaging to present value-packed promotions and special offers every single week.   These "killer deals," says Smith, offer popular brand names at un-heard-of prices.   With these promotions GPDB achieves a conversion rate for first time visitors and repeat customers that is 276% higher than the benchmark results of other online stores in our marketing channel. This Promotion subscription is also available to Health Merchants.

With a Promotions subscription Health Merchants can receive email template "infographics" and expert articles and recipes that relate to all these promotions in advance of their release; so they can always give their followers the inside scoop on what's coming next at their store. 

Smith emphasizes the value of the Health Merchant Program: "It represents a truly unprecedented opportunity for professionals in health and wellness, and entrepreneurs who are interested in capitalizing on expanding marketplace for CLEAN foods. For only a fraction of pennies on the dollar they can leverage immediately what it's taken us years and millions of dollars to develop."

About Green PolkaDot Box

Green PolkaDot Box is America's premier online membership club for organic and non-GMO natural foods at wholesale pricing. The Company leverages proprietary technology and products with its dynamic, interactive website and member relationship management software to provide a unique shopping and membership experience.  For more information on Green PolkaDot Box, please visit:

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