SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 12, 2014) - Invent 2014 -- Venetian, Las Vegas, NV - RedSeal, Inc. (, the end-to-end provider of network visibility and intelligence to evaluate and strengthen network defenses, today announced the integration of RedSeal with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with support for AWS Config, a fully managed service that provides customers with an inventory of their AWS resources, lets them audit resource configuration history, and notifies them of resource configuration changes. With this, physical and cloud security architectures become unified, capable of being mapped, tested and measured.

"Amazon VPC provides our customers with great flexibility for computing and deploying network infrastructure, and customers want to know who has access to their data," said Ray Rothrock, chairman and CEO of RedSeal. "The integration of RedSeal and AWS VPC with support for AWS Config gives RedSeal customers even more visibility and control over their cloud infrastructure."

RedSeal's initial work with AWS allowed customers to analyze the network topology, access control, and general configuration of their networks in Amazon VPC. With this, customers can optimize AWS's security groups and access controls, as well as assess the security of their systems deployed in the AWS Cloud.

AWS Config, released today, enables customers to track and store the history of Amazon VPC configurations and configuration changes in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). With AWS Config, RedSeal customers get even more information about their AWS resources.

Customers can:

Analyze their resources in near real time. AWS Config can proactively notify RedSeal about changes to the Amazon VPC deployment and automatically initiate data import and analysis of a changed setup. This allows customers to analyze their AWS resources in near real time as changes are made to their Amazon VPC.

Validate policy compliance instantly. The integration between RedSeal and AWS Config enables customers to define access policies and guidelines and validate any Amazon VPC changes against them -- to ensure secure access and limit exposure.

Verify conformance with industry best practices. AWS Config allows RedSeal to run its best practice checks on configurations and configuration changes, so customers can quickly verify if changes conform to recommended best practices.

Validate their full Amazon VPC configuration. The combination of AWS Config and RedSeal helps customers verify and validate all configuration aspects of their Amazon VPC setup and its changes over time.

RedSeal specializes in providing network transparency that offers a unique view of network security and enhances trust in the network infrastructure. The technology serves top government agencies and the some of the world's largest corporations with actionable intelligence that helps evaluate and strengthen network defenses.

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