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Office of the General Counsel, in the modern enterprise, is undergoing significant changes including implementation of contract management strategies and supporting technologies. Selectica is sponsoring ALM's 12th Annual General Counsel Conference West Coast 2014 in San Francisco including a panel with industry experts to discuss these changes and related in-house counsel innovation.

News Facts

  • Panel Details: 'General Counsels Are Now Business Leaders, First' -- November 18, 2014, 9:30 AM PST at the 12th Annual General Counsel Conference West Coast 2014 facilitated by ALM; Four Seasons Hotel, San Francisco

  • Moderator and Panelists: Patrick Stakenas, Chief Strategy Officer, Selectica; Eleanor Lacey, Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary of SurveyMonkey; Christina Wojcik, Vice President Legal and Contracts, Seal Software; Scott Darling, Vice President and General Counsel, Trulia; and Julio Avalos, General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer, GitHub

  • Topics to be discussed:

    • What are today's successful General Counsels doing to balance the business and legal advisor juggling act, deliver more value to the business, and continue to be C-suite innovators to address risk management and compliance challenges?

    • What contract management and technology trends are presenting both opportunities and threats?

    • How does a General Counsel become a master-collaborator within the organization and quickly come up to speed as the expectations for in-house counsel and their staff are rapidly evolving?

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"This panel of legal experts in their industries will provide insights and perspectives on the evolution, challenges, and opportunities of the General Counsel's role in an increasingly more dynamic business environment," said Patrick Stakenas, Chief Strategy Officer, Selectica. "I look forward to participating in this conversation with General Counsels with innovative outlooks."

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