IRVINE, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 18, 2014) -   Brandman University's School of Extended Education, one of five schools within Brandman University, well-recognized for its rich history of supporting adult learners, today announced its new Social Media Recruitment certificate program. In partnership with The Sourcing Institute, Brandman now offers ten professional online course modules that teach participants how to use social media to attract top talent and build professional brand credibility.

Social media recruiting is becoming an essential skill in business today. According to the 2013 Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey, 78 percent of recruiters have successfully hired through a social network, up from 58 percent in 2010. Getting the right information and professional training can provide an edge on the competition.

"In an increasingly digital business world, professional social networking is invaluable," says Vicki Brannock, senior director at the School of Extended Education. "Providing recruitment professionals with the guidance and skills necessary to not only discover the best candidates, but also to attract the top talent to their organization is crucial to growing an organization comprised of the best and brightest."

The certificate program gives participants tools to connect to hidden talent pools of both active and passive candidates, promote the company brand through effective use of email and mobile messaging, and measure return on investment through sourcing and recruiting metrics. The courses include:

Developing Online Talent Communities: Identify the basic building blocks for establishing a purpose-built talent community -- or leveraging an existing one -- on LinkedIn, Facebook and many other popular social networking destinations.

Effective Emails: Reach passive prospects by using tactics relative to delivery timing, cadence and sequence combinations and garner up to 80 percent response rates without artifice.

Engage Outreach: Passive Candidate Outreach via Social Media Channels: Learn how the major social networks vary from a recruiting engagement perspective, including the five best ways to search each network for passive talent in almost any niche.

Information Overload: Effectively track and refine activity to optimize time-management and bottom-line outcomes.

LinkedIn Advanced Searching and LinkedIn, Advanced Networking and Branding: Grow your reach on LinkedIn by millions in minutes. Expand participation to include effective recruitment marketing platforms, increase search capability, promote personal and employment brands, establish trust, and build credibility.

Outreach via Mobile and SMS (Texting): Utilize mobile devices and SMS to increase persuasiveness with passive candidates by at least 35 percent.

People Lookups: Learn to utilize a variety of different approaches to identify contact details for prospects, including online white pages for telephone numbers, email look-ups and verification, and social network memberships.

Facebook Advanced Search (Live Webinar) and Twitter Advanced Search (Live Webinar): Navigate around built-in obstacles and conduct skill-based searches for prospects. Search content within Facebook, Twitter, and other external sources for name generation and competitive intelligence.

Brandman's certificate programs are a hybrid of industry-recognized certifications and leadership development programs. Participants may earn certifications and academic credit, while also obtaining the business insight and leadership skills necessary to thrive in today's workplace environments.

"An increasing number of industry professionals are adopting social media as part of their recruitment strategy," says Lizz Pellet, vice president of educational sales at The Sourcing Institute. "We are thrilled to partner with Brandman's School of Extended Education to provide these timely and relevant courses that will show recruiters and HR professionals the power of social media when it comes to attracting talent and branding their organizations."

Tuition cost for the program is $795 and includes online courses and live webinar programs that are current with the constant changes of social platform interfaces, plus a bonus of five optional courses exclusively for Brandman students (an additional $500 value). All courses are online, ranging in length from 40 to 80 minutes and accessible any time, anywhere, allowing participants to learn at their own pace and in any order. To learn more, visit

Tuition assistance is available for some programs for eligible students, as well as for eligible organizations interested in providing workplace training. Brandman's School of Extended Education also offers other certifications and courses. Interested students and organizations are encouraged to contact Brandman at 1-800-632-0094. For more information, visit

About The Sourcing Institute: The Sourcing Institute is dedicated to the extreme optimization of recruitment teams, developing their talent identification, attraction and engagement skills beyond conventional proficiencies. Its curriculum is designed to establish talent identification practices within organizations that yield a virtuous cycle of sustainable competitive advantages. Delivered through a first-rate online learning management system, and also offered in person, The Sourcing Institute's learning modules meet the highest standards of sourcing research and recruiting excellence. For more information, visit

About Brandman University's School of Extended Education: Brandman University's School of Extended Education is a school focused on individual and workforce career development, uniquely situated as part of a university focused on adult learners. Providing leadership, business, technology, health and wellness, education and general education programs, the School of Extended Education is committed to developing courses designed to meet real-world needs. Brandman partners with leading subject-matter experts and professional associations to offer degree programs, workshops, seminars, certificate programs, leadership modules and programming leading to certification and academic credit. Its corporate training division works closely with employers to pinpoint organizational needs and challenges and develop highly customized on-site, online and hybrid training programs for workforces across industries. Drawing on the rich history and prestigious reputation of Chapman University, the School of Extended Education's collaborative approach provides sustainable solutions for today's adult learners.

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