SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 19, 2014) - Constance Finley of Constance Pure Botanical Extracts, a California Section 215 compliant collective leading in medical cannabis oil research and manufacturing, has been voted panelist along with biotech startup Hyasynth scientists and executives from Tilray, a Canadian leading medicinal cannabis company, to discuss the biological and biosynthetic futures of cannabinoids at a South By Southwest® Interactive 2015 event March 13-17.

Over the past decade, significant advances in the field of cannabis research, its legislation and its use in medicine have revealed the biology of cannabinoids as a powerful technology. The cannabis plant produces over 60 different compounds called cannabinoids. Their biological effects are diverse, and their study and usage addresses a wide range of diseases and biological targets.

The panel will discuss how startups and communities can harness the cannabis plant's potential, as well as how synthetic biology is increasing cannabinoid production by using microorganisms instead of the plant to create new remedies. Finley will be speaking on her experience in working with physicians using cannabis as medicinal therapeutics for treating illnesses from cancer to Lyme disease.

Constance Finley is known for a cannabis extract that she discovered, sometimes referred to as Constance Oil. It was her own self-treatment using the cannabis oil extract that inspired her to help others. Her San Francisco-based collective, Constance Pure Botanical Extracts, works with oncologists and other physicians, researchers and patients in treating a wide range of serious medical conditions.

About Constance Pure Botanical Extracts:
Constance Pure Botanical Extracts is a medical cannabis industry pioneer. The collective's cannabis oil and related products are based on years of experience cultivating, processing, testing and producing medical cannabis. Constance Pure Botanical Extracts uses only the most valuable portion of locally grown cannabis plants -- not byproducts -- to create cannabis oils that are then tested at various stages of development for potency and purity. Her oils are produced using safe, food-grade, organic ethanol. Learn more by visiting

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