BURLINGTON, MA--(Marketwired - Nov 20, 2014) - Acquia, the digital experience company, today announced that The Weather Channel is standardizing on Acquia for Weather.com, a top 20 U.S. site according to the comScore Media Metrix® rankings of desktop web properties for March 2014. The Weather Channel provides millions of people every day with the world's best weather forecasts, content, and data.

"Weather.com is thinking ahead to a future, where up-to-the-minute weather information requires an open delivery platform that adapts to fast changes in technology," said Tom Erickson, CEO, Acquia. "The Weather Company is leading the transformation of how we interact with weather news; people expect accurate weather forecasts on-demand, and they want to be alerted to events that may impact their life, work, travel, and leisure. Weather.com is gaining the agility to deliver on customers' increasing expectations and helping lead the charge with contextual weather insight that anticipates every user's needs."

Weather.com started using Drupal last year to increase the agility of its content creation and publishing. Now, the company has moved the entire website, which serves more than 20 million pages of content, to the Acquia Platform, which brings together Drupal and Acquia's solutions for digital engagement and experience management. The team at Weather.com worked with Acquia and digital agency partner Mediacurrent for its site development and migration from its legacy web content management system Percussion.

"With Acquia, we can innovate quickly to create new dynamic experiences for our site visitors. Drupal has the right combination of agility and connectedness that allows us to expand our platform and maintain quality at the same time," said Chris Hill, vice president web development, Weather Channel. "Weather.com is a critical part of our business. We really feel that with the stakes that are on the line, it makes perfect sense to partner with somebody who has the experience and can guide us through it. Acquia was the only company we found that actually could do that."

People rely on the Weather Channel for everything from beach forecasts to hurricane safety information. Severe weather advisories demand flawless performance at scale; Weather.com received more than 1 billion page requests in the week Hurricane Sandy hit, and the site experiences several massive traffic days every year when severe weather impacts the nation. Great performance starts with application quality, and the Acquia Platform's elastic cloud infrastructure and enterprise-class, follow-the-sun support automate quality assurance so the user experience is never disrupted.

"Acquia opens up all kinds of opportunities for Weather.com," said Dave Terry, co-founder and partner, client services, Mediacurrent. "The site relies heavily on the ability to quickly create and distribute massive amounts of content, and with Drupal, Weather.com gains editorial agility and the ability to innovate and bring the latest applications and features to the user experience." 

Acquia and Mediacurrent are presenting a webinar about the Weather.com migration on Tuesday, Dec. 16. Register for the webinar at http://www.acquia.com/weatherwebinar. Hear more from Weather.com's Chris Hill at http://www.acquia.com/weathervideo.

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