NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Nov 20, 2014) - Ex-SEC Attorney Michael T. Williams and Pivo Associates Principal Richard Oravec as co-authors have just launched E-Book Seeking Your Fortune: Using IPO Alternatives to Find Wealth in the U.S. Stock Markets. It is now available on the Kindle platform on Amazon at the following link:

Mr. Williams said, "We wrote this book for U.S. and foreign companies that have tried to find U.S. Broker/Dealers to do an IPO or Pre-IPO but have had no success. The purpose of this book is to show these companies the IPO Alternatives that exist and how to use them to find wealth in the U.S. Capital Markets."

Mr. Oravec added, "We also wrote this book for a small business or new business owner, an entrepreneur or a professional advisor who wants useful, accurate and authentic information about U.S. securities laws, rules, and regulations as well as how a business can be successful in going and staying public."

The book covers not only traditional Alternative IPO, SEC, and trading market issues but also current hot topics such as Crowdfunding, Using General Advertising and Solicitation to sell Stock under new SEC rules and recent developments in the Over the Counter Markets.

The book also covers SEC Reporting and Compliance, with a special entire chapter devoted to what a company should do to be successful after going public.

The current e-book is best viewed on Kindle devices.

About the Authors

This book is authored by Michael T. Williams, a former SEC staff attorney currently practicing securities law focused on small to medium size businesses, with almost 40 years of experience in dealing with all of the topics covered in this book. It was co-authored by Richard Oravec, founder of New York based Pivo Associates, a Financial and Corporate Advisory firm.

Contact Information:

Contact information: