PALM DESERT, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 21, 2014) - While gardening may seem an easy pastime, anyone who's tried to grow tomatoes knows how frustrating it can be. From issues with soil, sunlight, watering, and insects, many gardening enthusiasts tried taming the elements to control as many factors as possible. But many of the 80% of people who try to garden end up disappointed with plants neglected or not thriving. For the millions who try their hands at being backyard farmers, a simple, automated process would improve their experiences and the chances of a successful harvest.

That's where the new AliGro Planters come in. Acting as your own personal gardening assistant, these planters provide your plants with the exact amount of water each plant needs, with no human intervention. Water in the 1-gallon reservoir in the bottom of the AliGro Planter is wicked up by the plant, which takes only as much water as it needs. Some hotter and sunnier days will make the plant absorb more water than what it takes on a cool, cloudy day. With no human intervention, the plant takes up its own water and grows beautifully.

AliGro Planters are the only 100% hands free planter on the market. With its patented float valve, the garden hose or sprinkler that automatically fills the reservoir delivers the precise amount of water needed to maintain a consistent 1 gallon level. This eliminates guesswork when it comes to plant care and in this current severe drought it reduces water consumption by 70%, compared to hand watering.

"We see how beneficial gardening can be to people's health, psyche and budget and decided to create a solution that would make it easier to be successful," said Adam Gibbons, President and CEO, AliGro. "This is the most advanced, water efficient planter ever. With our planters every drop of water the plant uses goes to create its bounty, with no excess water draining out the bottom or overflowing on the concrete. We've designed a contemporary, beautiful solution that eliminates all watering chores so a great harvest is practically guaranteed."

AliGro Planters are equipped with advanced garden technologies that improve plant growth and gardener's experiences:

  • Automatic self-watering and patented float valve solution
  • Built-in collapsible plant cage for tomatoes
  • The "grow medium cover" helps minimize water evaporation, pest infestation and weed growth
  • RootPeek Windows allow easy root examination
  • AliGro Planters are plug-and-play. No assembly, no additional purchases, no tools required
  • Customizable contemporary design, made in America

Be Part of the Kickstarter Launch!

AliGro Planters are launching today on Kickstarter to crowd-fund the final manufacturing costs. Units will be available for sale and distribution commercially in April, 2015 and will cost approximately $60.

About AliGro Works

AliGro Works USA, Inc. is a progressive California-based water technology company aiming to be the recognized global leader for plant growing enthusiasts and researchers seeking innovative, simple to use, plug-and-play solutions that conserve water while substantially increasing crop yields. Our pioneering products stylishly award growers with bountiful harvests while using fewer natural resources; therefore, harmoniously serving communities and Mother Nature. For more information, visit

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